Author: 0 Acquires Shares of 18850 Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE)

Exane Derivatives now owns 958 shares of the software company's stock worth $143,000 after buying an additional 340 shares during the period. The Crescent Park Management Lp holds 989,642 shares with $42.55 million value, up from 948,770 last quarter.

Science Nokia 9 to release in January along with Nokia 8 (2018)
Author: 0 Nokia 9 to release in January along with Nokia 8 (2018)

A leaked screenshot spotted on the Chinese portal news. mydrivers revealed the prices of the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8 (2018) smartphones. The cutting edge Nokia 8 will likewise be made public amid a similar occasion. Also, Nokia 9 doesn't come alone, alongside it comes the Nokia 8 (2018) adaptation. The phone is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 835 SoC.

Author: 0 Bronfman EL Rothschild LP Has $861000 Holdings in Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN)

LLC grew its stake in Amgen by 0.6% during the 2nd quarter. The stock decreased 0.91% or $0.34 during the last trading session, reaching $36.92. Macguire Cheswick & Tuttle Invest Counsel Limited Liability Co has 1,275 shares. F&V Cap Management Limited Company holds 31,281 shares or 3.06% of its portfolio. Salem Invest Counselors Inc accumulated 54,608 shares or 0.51% of the stock.

Science Online 'Grinch Bots' Snatching Up Season's Hottest Toys
Author: 0 Online 'Grinch Bots' Snatching Up Season's Hottest Toys

Senator Chuck Schumer said Sunday. "But Schumer pointed out there isn't any similar law when it comes to sought-after products", the site said. "When toys are bought by cyber bots and resold at a high markup, both the consumer and the manufacturer suffer", the Toy Association, a trade group representing the toy industry, told BuzzFeed News.

Science Epic Games Settles Lawsuit with 14-Year-Old Fortnite Cheater
Author: 0 Epic Games Settles Lawsuit with 14-Year-Old Fortnite Cheater

Both sides were geared for a full legal battle yet Epic and the defendant agreed to an injunction . Let's start by the case started against Minnesota resident Charles Vraspir, a.k.a. A breach will result in a $5,000 fine. Since Epic Games didn't try to bankrupt them, we can deduce that their goal was to send a message. The publisher's mission isn't done, however.

Science Pokemon GO Creator Announces Ingress Prime
Author: 0 Pokemon GO Creator Announces Ingress Prime

Although this game was extremely popular back to its days, by the time the release of Pokemon Go was around, it was mostly forgotten. According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, Pokemon Go stole focus away from Ingress once the game went big; now that time has passed, the team is now ready to reward players of the Ingress community by offering "a modern, lovely version of the game".

Science Twitch streamer masquerades UFC 218 live event as game stream
Author: 0 Twitch streamer masquerades UFC 218 live event as game stream

Since the stream, Lester's follower count has doubled, so pulling this off seems to have helped him make his mark on Twitch . American game streamer AJ Lester successfully broadcast Saturday night's UFC 218 fight by pretending to "play" the stream, complete with button-pressing and complaints about how he should have "blocked that" whenever a hit connected.

Science Kult launches ''Ambition'' smartphone at Rs 5999
Author: 0 Kult launches ''Ambition'' smartphone at Rs 5999

Kult Mobiles, a relatively new entrant in the smartphone market in India has launched a new smartphone called the Kult Ambition. It will be available exclusively via Amazon starting from December 11. In the camera department, the Kult Ambition sports a 13MP sensor on the rear and a 5MP sensor on the front for selfies and video calls. Further, the front camera of the smartphone was a big disappointment, as the device was only able to capture nice quality pictures in outdoors, but in low light ...

Science Mega Man 11 Officially Announced
Author: 0 Mega Man 11 Officially Announced

While the art style has changed, the game appears to retain the same run-and-gun action as previous entries in the series, so old fans of the blue bomber should feel at home with Mega Man 11 . It won't be coming for some time, as it's not due until late 2018. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the Mega Man live stream at this link.

Author: 0 The Australians have launched the world's largest battery

The state of South Australia announced today that it had powered up the world's biggest battery ahead of schedule - a feat that is being considered as one of this century's first great engineering marvels and a potential solution to the country's energy woes.

Author: 0 NASA Activates Voyager's Dormant Thrusters 37 Years Later

Those "attitude control thrusters" have been used regularly, but NASA realized that after four decades they simply weren't working as well as they used to. But because Voyager 1's last planetary encounter was Saturn, the Voyager team hadn't needed to use the TCM thrusters since November 8, 1980. Thankfully for those involved, the test was a success.

Author: 0 Ferrari threat not a worry to Horner

Alfa Romeo will partner with Sauber from 2018 in a move that will see the latter working much more closely with Ferrari . "This agreement with the Sauber F1 Team is a significant step in the reshaping of the Alfa Romeo brand, which will return to Formula 1 after an absence of more than 30 years", said Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Alfa Romeo CEO Sergio Marchionne .

Author: 0 ISS astronauts throw pizza party in zero gravity

The fixings flew up last month on a commercial supply ship, and the crew wasted little time pulling out the flatbread, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, olive oil, anchovy paste and pesto. Pizza Pie created from scratch, the IPDS (Intergalactic Pizza Devouring Squad) says 12 thumbs up! Spacewalkers at the ISS craved for pizza so much, and they were sent the ingredients to make the delightful pies in space.

Science Mega Man X Collection Coming To PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Author: 0 Mega Man X Collection Coming To PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Smooth 3D animations and improved animations make this Mega Man look like one to watch, especially since Mega Man 10 relied on nostalgic sprites as its main appeal. Somehow, Capcom has managed to find a way to weaponize concentrated nostalgia, and set us all in their cross-hairs. This is the third legacy collection for Mega Man games, following compilations of the NES games in 2015 and then earlier this year .

Science Supermoon lights up the sky
Author: 0 Supermoon lights up the sky

It was also a particularly bright supermoon because of the more intense sunlight that reflects off the Moon in the winter. Even as stargazers in the city were looking forward to witnessing yesterday's supermoon, which was also the last full moon of the year, many were left disappointed as the moderately cloudy sky played spoilsport.

Science Airtel offers unlimited voice calls, national roaming at Rs 199 plan
Author: 0 Airtel offers unlimited voice calls, national roaming at Rs 199 plan

Airtel Rs 448 rechargeUnder a recharge pack priced at Rs 448, Airtel offers 1GB of 3G/4G speed data per day along with unlimited calls for a validity period of 70 days, according to its website. 199 rechrage is offering 1GB data in total and not 1GB data per day. Airtel 4G Hotspot is available for Rs 999 . Since the launch of Reliance Jio 4G, every other telecom company is working really hard to stand in the telecom industry.

Science Leak Suggests New Samsung Galaxy S9 Color Option
Author: 0 Leak Suggests New Samsung Galaxy S9 Color Option

The Galaxy S9 is still a few months away from the light of day, but that will never stop new information from trickling in. The color option would be part of three others available, including blue, gold and black. The S8's fingerprint scanner placement was something that many didn't like. There have been rumors running around that suggest Samsung plans to completely overhaul the design of its Galaxy A series .

Science Sony offering PSVR in-home trial kits for select PlayStation Plus members
Author: 0 Sony offering PSVR in-home trial kits for select PlayStation Plus members

Here's your chance to try PlayStation VR from the comfort of home. As part of a new program , interested PSVR buyers will be able to try out the system in the safety of their own home. They'll put a hold on your card and send you the bundle, which you can keep for a few weeks. Be sure to send back the bundle on time if you don't decide to keep it as Sony says it will automatically assume you've chose to keep the bundle if it isn't sent back within 10 days of the trial end date.