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The battery simply swells, causing the phone's casing to open and the front screen to detach. The bulging battery in the iPhones is due to the buildup of gases inside the cell. Lately, you might have come across tweets or Facebook posts about swollen iPhone cases over the past few days . An Apple representative confirmed as much to TechCrunch today, though the company didn't take the opportunity to elaborate on the issue.

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About 11.15M shares traded. General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has declined 4.46% since October 6, 2016 and is downtrending. It has underperformed by 5.63% the S&P500. Argus Research has "Buy" rating and $58.0 target. As per Tuesday, January 3, the company rating was maintained by Barclays Capital. Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) has risen 9.67% since October 6, 2016 and is uptrending.

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It's quite evident that all the people won't be getting the Pixel 2 or the 2 XL, but they for sure can get the Google search box at the bottom of the screen. If you are driving and don't want to answer any incoming calls or texts on your Pixel 2 while on your trip, the DND toggle will keep it from alerting you.

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Google's new Pixel is downright squeezable. Google has made a calculated mistake. Launched in 2015, the wireless service is limited to Google phones , but this will soon be no more thanks to the upcoming Moto X4. Whether or not this is realistic considering the popularity of the iPhone range, and the brand loyalty that Apple has achieved, is debatable. On Wednesday, Google did its best to demonstrate its commitment.

Sci-tech How Samsung Wins With iPhone X's Expected Success
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Where paying the phone's asking price of Ksh 105 ,000 also earns you a free 5100mAh power bank , the discounted Note 8 , which is coming in courtesy of Easy Point Computers, doesn't include any freebies. Just a few days ago, DxOMark described the iPhone 8 Plus as the world's 'best smartphone camera.' Now Apple's device is sharing that title with the Note 8 .

Sci-tech NASA lunar lava study 'dramatically changes our view of the moon'
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Studies of the lunar atmosphere have shown it to be a stable, low-density surface boundary exosphere for the last 3 billion years. The team's results indicate that the atmosphere was thickest during the peak in volcanic activity about 3.5 billion years ago and that the maximum atmospheric pressure at the lunar surface could have reached around 1.5 times higher than Mars' current atmospheric surface pressure.

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A low price-to-sales ratio, typically less than 1.0, is considered a good value. Volatility is one of those things which for many retail shareholders means very little, but it's the basis on which stocks and are traded and the sentiment in markets is also assessed.

Sci-tech Google Pixel 2 Tops DxOMark Smartphone Camera List
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Cases of Apple's new iPhone 8 popping open due to a swollen battery in China is giving the company a problem in the world's biggest smartphone market where the USA firm seeks to revive faltering sales. The Note 8 features an 8-megapixel selfie snapper with an aperture of f/1.7. I felt comfortable when using Galaxy Note 8 over the last week. The experts from the French DxO Labs have tested the Galaxy Note 8 to see what he had in the belly as a camera and video camera.

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Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos on the show believes that considering filming is expected to take longer than in the past, it could mean longer episodes as well. but evidence is mounting that the wait for it will be longer than ever before. However, Cunningham, who can next be seen in Amazon's Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams , clarifies that none of the episode lengths are set in stone for Season 8 because even creators David Benioff and D.B.

Sci-tech Apple is looking into reports of iPhone 8 batteries swelling
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Last week, there were two reports of split open iPhone 8 Plus units. Apple is also not revealing how many handsets have been affected by the problem; there have so far been media reports on a handful of defective devices. Apple has taken the bursted iPhones 8 in for study. It has been the largest elephant in the room for Apple aficionados, but on Friday, it finally was acknowledged: Apple's new iPhone 8 may be having problems with its battery.

Sci-tech Facebook tests stand-alone Workplace Chat app
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Within the Workplace desktop app is the new screen-sharing feature. TechCrunch spotted a beta version of the desktop Workplace app this week, within which was the new screen-sharing feature. Facebook has since confirmed the app and that they are now testing it out before making it available to more users. The feature launched within a year of the launch of chat app.

Sci-tech Did you get any photos of the harvest moon?
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And because the moon's orbit is slightly tilted compared to Earth's, for a handful of days around the autumnal equinox the moon rises closer to sunset in much of the USA, according to National Geographic . Eastern Time, but won't cross our skies until 7:21 p.m. Usually, the harvest moon occurs before the equinox in September, but in 2017 it was in October.

Sci-tech Las Vegas police say Stephen Paddock's SUV found
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Danley's brother, Reynaldo Bustos, spoke out during an interview with ABC News saying that he called Marilou "immediately" after seeing that her boyfriend was responsible for killing 58 people and injured 530 others. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo named the 62-year-old as a "person of interest" shortly after the mass shooting Sunday night. It wasn't immediately known if Paddock had earlier planned an attack on that venue.

Sci-tech New Unicode 10 emojis to come to iOS 11 soon
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This is iOS 11.1, and Apple has revealed a little of what we can expect. There will be a lot of new emojis for iOS users to send to their peers. But some app developers are working to make the new emoji available on older Android devices as well. New animals including a hedgehog, a giraffe, a cricket and a sauropod have also been introduced, as has a range of new food items such as a dumpling, broccoli and an apple pie.

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The translation feature will also be made available in an update to Pixel models released past year. Google has just launched headphones with a real-time translation feature from Google Translate. Google also unveiled a slimmed down version of its digital assistant connected speaker starting at $49 in the United States, stepping up its challenge to market leader Amazon .

Sci-tech Apple let Uber secretly record iPhone screens
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Speaking to ZDNet , Apple expert and jailbreak author Luca Todesco said that Uber's access to screen-recording was an "extremely unsafe use case" that adds a "significant weakness" to security for iOS Uber users. It was spotted by security researcher Will Strafach , who described it as "very unusual" and said it was "totally unprecedented" that Apple granted such a permission to the taxi-hailing app company.

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An interesting thing to note about Destiny 2's version of Iron Banner is that, much like the new version of Trials, your Power level advantages are not enabled. Bungie's weekly update also featured a tonne of Iron Banner info. Iron Banner begins on October 10 at 2:00 AM PT, while the Prestige mode for the Raid goes live eight hours later at 10:00 AM PT.

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The Echo Connect isn't an Echo in the traditional sense - it's more of an add-on to the Echo series. Amazon won't say how many Echos it has sold since the device's 2014 debut. You can pre-order now on Amazon. Last week, along with the announcement of new Echo devices , Amazon quietly eliminated that limitation. For example the EchoSpot is a spherical alarm clock that displays information, streams video and lets the user command Alexa from nearby.