Arts&Culture Is Anna Faris finally speaking up about split with Chris Pratt?
Author: 0 Is Anna Faris finally speaking up about split with Chris Pratt?

Which is also why, Anna opening up about her split , right before the launch of her book is being perceived as bad timing by many , but as she claims - she's ready and things happen for a reason. News that the get-together looked "like a date", and that "They were laughing at the table. There is still so much laughter in our lives together, and he is so proud of me, still".

Arts&Culture 'Fashion Police' to wrap up with series finale on November 27
Author: 0 'Fashion Police' to wrap up with series finale on November 27

Following a hiatus, Melissa Rivers stepped in , her first episode covering the MTV Video Music Awards, and the show stopped airing weekly and only aired for special events such as awards shows and Fashion Week. Fashion Police is produced by Wilshire Studios. So now, as the show finally takes its final walk down the runway, we'll choose to remember it as Joan would have wanted us to: All about her.

Author: 0 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Hands-On: 10 Things We Learned

Check the video below to see what they have to say about other topics of Star Wars Battlefront II such as the introduction of the story mode, the supply crates debate, or the Star Wars canon. Introducing us to commander Iden Versio and the Inferno Squadron, she hails from a first for Star Wars: An Imperial planet comprising thousands of individuals who all believe in the Empire's authoritarian rule.

Arts&Culture Marvel's The Punisher Release Date Pits It Against Justice League
Author: 0 Marvel's The Punisher Release Date Pits It Against Justice League

The Punisher , Marvel's newest series to hit Netflix, has finally received a release date. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher , he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone. The Punisher was first introduced in Daredevil season 2 and was such a strong and captivating presence and resonated so well with fans that Netflix and Marvel decided the character needed his own standalone series.

Arts&Culture Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Date May Already be Set
Author: 0 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Date May Already be Set

Well, it's not a rave review but for a royal that's probably as animated as you'll get! As we all know, this meeting has been a long time coming and it can only mean one thing. The " royal watcher " to explain that to the guards of the palace have seen a 4×4 with tinted windows before doors open and should appear, prince Harry and the actress of 36 years.

Arts&Culture 'Chelsea' canceled after 2 seasons at Netflix
Author: 0 'Chelsea' canceled after 2 seasons at Netflix

In a statement posted on her Twitter account, Handler said she will instead devote more of her time to political organizing and activism, adding that President Trump's election past year "galvanized" her. In the meantime, new episodes of Chelsea will continue to stream through the end of 2017. From Handler's language, it seems as though the comedian voluntarily walked away from her series; for what it's worth, The Hollywood Reporter does indicate that it was "canceled" in its own report.

Arts&Culture Roseanne revival : table read photos revealed
Author: 0 Roseanne revival : table read photos revealed

The first official photo of the upcoming "Roseanne" revival from the cast's table read was released on Tuesday and, well, OK, some things aren't the same. Sarah Chalke , who played the character of Becky, will appear in another role. The eight-episode revival of Roseanne is set to debut on ABC at some point in 2018.

Arts&Culture 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor Nicholas Brendon arrested for domestic violence
Author: 0 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actor Nicholas Brendon arrested for domestic violence

When she got up to leave he allegedly grabbed her by the arm and yanked so that she would sit back down. When she arose again, law enforcement officials say that he then pulled her down again by her hair. Counting his most recent incident, Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been arrested six times in the past three years. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in 2015 when he was accused of choking his girlfriend in a hotel room.

Author: 0 Laura Dern reveals she was sexually assaulted at age 14

Reese Witherspoon's sexual assault revelation at Elle's Women in Hollywood event on Monday (16Oct17) brought back very bad memories for her Big Little Lies co-star Laura Dern . 'And it was my mom who said, "No, no, no, Laura - that was sexual assault". While at the event Laura touted that she was "one of the lucky ones" as she dodged experiences with sexual misconduct thanks to the guidance of her industry vet parents, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd .

Arts&Culture Jyoti and Arshi sent to Kal Kothari
Author: 0 Jyoti and Arshi sent to Kal Kothari

The atmosphere intensifies and calms down only after the other housemates intervenes and separate them from each other. Vikas, who was seen criticising Shilpa in the beginning of the show will now kiss the actress on national television. During the Junkyard task, Vikas fought with Puneesh Sharma. And both the teams also applauds for Puneesh and ends up calling Arshi "fattu" as she backed out.

Arts&Culture New Justice League Banner & Poster
Author: 0 New Justice League Banner & Poster

We still don't know if all of that made for a good movie, but we'll know soon enough. For those unfamiliar with Aquaman in the comic books, you might find what you've seen of Jason Momoa's performance so far quite surprising. Momoa's film " Aquaman " is slated for a December 21, 2018 release, whereas " Justice League " will be released in cinemas on November 17. The poster, released via Twitter Wednesday morning, is noticeably brighter and more colorful than previous promotional images ...

Arts&Culture TIDAL X Benefit Concert
Author: 0 TIDAL X Benefit Concert

With TIDAL X: Brooklyn , fans worldwide can continue to donate money to help support those impacted by the unprecedented natural disasters that have caused catastrophic damage. TIDAL has partnered with Bacardi Rum as the sponsors. The brand donated over $4.3 million to relief agencies and the regions affected by these awful disasters, including Puerto Rico, Florida and the Caribbean.

Author: 0 Han Solo Star Wars prequel to be titled Solo

The title was revealed by director Ron Howard yesterday on Twitter. Considering we just got a trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi a week ago, it will probably be quite some time before we see any actual footage of the Han Solo movie.

Arts&Culture 'Secret Superstar' hailed as the Best Film of 2017!
Author: 0 'Secret Superstar' hailed as the Best Film of 2017!

Rekha - I don't know anything about awards, I really don't but today Aamir saab has given me greatest award. Touted as heartwarming by everyone, the film has already garnered vast appreciation and very strong word of mouth. I am hoping it would connect with the youth of our country. Zaira Wasim is a Kashmiri girl and I am from Kashmir so as a Kashmiri, I feel very proud that she has done so well in this film.

Arts&Culture Dhinchak Pooja to enter Bigg Boss 11
Author: 0 Dhinchak Pooja to enter Bigg Boss 11

After his abrupt exit from the show, Priyank had justified his action in a statement. In good news for Priyank's fans, he will be back in the house along with newcomer Pooja Jain who is popularly known by her moniker Dhinchak Pooja . "Being part of the Diwali celebrations, Pooja and Priyank will also be seen giving a special performance". Priyank was sent out of the show by Salman Khan who was enraged when the former got violent inside the Bigg Boss house.