Shark attacks California Instagram model in Bahamas


To many, this might not seem like the smartest thing to be doing - it certainly wouldn't be most people's idea of a good time to jump into an enclosed bit of water with a load of sharks, but hey, each to their own. Alright, so that might not quite be a universal experience, but it is, at the very least, one had by the highly unfortunate 19-year-old Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie.

But there were warning signs around the picturesque spot where the shark attack took place.

Now, nurse sharks are largely pretty docile, but it's always worth remembering that they are still sharks. But, she added, "I am so fortunate that I still have my arm and my life".

With her boyfriend's dad on photographer duty, she got in the water and took a series of photos. "I was leaning back for probably no more than 10 seconds, and this shark just grabbed my wrist".

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Luckily, she managed to free herself and swam up to some steps to get out of the water - holding her arm so that the blood would not attract other sharks. That's a pretty smart move, given the circumstances. She was bitten on the wrist, and in true model fashion, she took pictures of the wound.

"They are wild animals, and it's an uncontrollable situation", she said.

Katarina Zarutskie was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas, in an attack that her boyfriend's father caught on camera. They are known to have strong jaws to crush hard food such as shellfish and coral.

As for Katarina, she know that the sharks didn't do anything wrong. Once she made it to land, she realized she was "lucky" that her hand was still intact. "[The doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm and I will forever have a scar", she said, slightly concerned for her modeling career.