Melania Trump: Latest pictures as US First Lady visits UK


The blimp, which has been given permission by the capital's city hall to be flown above Parliament Square gardens, raised £18,000 (or nearly $24,000) from crowdfunding sources and has been described by former far-right UKIP party leader Nigel Farage as the "biggest insult to a sitting president".

Of Johnson, he said: "I have a lot of respect for Boris". I get along with her very nicely.

"I'd like to see them be able to work it out so it could go quickly", he said.

John Rees of the Stop the War group said in reference to Trump: "He's a wrecking ball for race relations, he's a wrecking ball for prosperity, he's a wrecking ball for women's rights, he's a wrecking ball for any peace and justice in this world and we have to stop him".

May weathered the resignations of her Brexit and foreign ministers earlier this week over the proposals. Under the arrangement, the United Kingdom would lose all influence in the bloc but still have to abide by its multitudinous regulations.

"I am not pitting one against the other".

Donald Trump delivered a snub to his host Theresa May, who hours before had laid on a prestigious dinner for the U.S. president at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

"I don't think it will kill the deal".

He also told the tabloid that he'd shared advice with May during Britain's negotiations with the European Union and she ignored it. "I don't know (if) that is what they voted for", he added.

"Mr President, Sir Winston Churchill once said that "to have the United States at our side was, to me, the greatest joy", May told Trump, according to a text of her speech provided by her office.

Croatian players' kids delight World Cup fans with post-win scratch match
The game turned in overtime on two plays - one on which a defender was alert, the other on which a defender was caught napping. Even if the result is quickly forgotten by the fans, it will be remembered in English Premier League locker rooms.

"I think whenever his detractors go after him, it makes him double down and it actually encourages him to keep going and prove everybody wrong", she said.

May's "business-friendly" Brexit plan - which would keep Britain in a free trade zone for goods with the European Union but mean it has to share some European Union rules - was agreed by her cabinet only last Friday after two years of wrangling since Britons voted to leave the bloc in a 2016 referendum. "But it is too bad what is going on", the president said.

Trump is not popular among Britons, and this is especially true in London, whose Mayor Sadiq Khan has criticized Trump several times.

"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad", he said.

As Trump is expected to discuss a possible post-Brexit trade deal and other global issues with May, organizers of Friday's demonstrations say there is no shortage of issues that will inspire mass numbers of people to attend.

After the president and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at Stansted Airport, Trump said he was "fine" about any protests during his visit. When he leaves Britain on Sunday, after a trip to Scotland where he owns two golf courses, he heads to Helsinki for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The shadow policing minister, Labour MP Louise Haigh, said, "It has emerged that officers being accommodated in Essex are sleeping on cots in squash courts, 100 female officers with four toilets between them, likely to be sleeping on mats tonight, 300 male officers with five toilets between them".

He also said the prime minister has ignored his advice on Brexit negotiations, explaining: "I would have done it differently".