Love Island 2018: Georgia Steel and Ellie Brown fight motive revealed?


Sparks will fly in the Love Island villa as Laura Anderson and Georgia Steel clash over Jack Fowler.

One said: "I'm guessing Ellie is annoyed with Georgia because she keeps saying she's loyal but she kissed Jack and didn't mention it to Laura at all?"

When asked if he'd seen Megan's before and after shots, he told us: "I've seen the pictures of course, and do you know what, it's a really hard one". I've been there for her but she is a little girl and I don't rate her as a person anymore.

Fuming: Twitter users soon penned: "Did I miss something?"

"Again my mate - actually my best mate - has gone behind my back and tried to snog the guy that I'm coupled up with".

A second posted: "I really believe @LoveIsland and @itv2 need to seriously address this lack of diversity and representation because honestly I am VEX".

The pair eventually sit down to chat, when Georgia tells Laura that she made it clear to Jack that her loyalties lay with her friend, adding: "I'm not ever going to jeopardise that ever". "I've just got over the situation with Wes and now Georgia is cracking on with Jack".

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Claiming that Megan had previously dated the likes of the bouncer at the club, she was apparently gifted a guitar, simply because she asked for it. Shouldn't of kissed him. She said she didn't fancy him, then after 1 date kissed him!

"They do look after you when you leave and I'm sure as the years go by and everything builds up they will make sure it gets better". "Calling him a liar?"

Love Island viewers have branded Megan Barton Hanson "a puppet master", accusing her of dangling Wes Nelson on a string.

When Georgia calls Jack over to clarify what happened, he says: "Unintentionally, we kissed on the lips. I'm not going to sit back and take it".

A third guessed: "I reckon Ellie and Georgia's fall out tonight has to do with Georgia not saving Adam as Ellie was bezzies with him".

The teaser didn't show why, but Georgia could be seen storming away from Ellie Brown.