Last Two Blockbuster Video Stores in Alaska Are Closing


The video rental chain once flourished throughout the country, but eventually filed for bankruptcy after streaming took hold of the American consumer. The one in Texas closed shop a year ago.

"These are the last two Blockbuster stores in Alaska that survived and it is sad to say goodbye to our dedicated customers". Profits at the Anchorage and Fairbanks locations had been declining at a unmanageable pace.

The two remaining stores are located in Fairbanks on College Road and Anchorage on Debarr Road.

The days of aimlessly walking the aisles of your local Blockbuster every Friday night have been over for years in most parts of the United States. It's in Bend, Oregon.

Comedian John Oliver actually tried to save the struggling Alaska Blockbusters this past April in a amusing campaign that included Russell Crowe's jock strap.

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Oliver bought the merchandise-which also included a robe, boxer shorts, the hood from Robin Hood and a vest from Les Miserables-in Crowe's "divorce auction".

The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010 and parent firm Dish Network started closing U.S. stores in 2013. Much of Alaska has unreliable internet, with ranking it third-to-last in terms of internet connectivity in the U.S. The streaming video market has therefore been less successful, allowing stores like Blockbuster to continue to thrive.

On Sunday, two stores in Anchorage, Alaska, will shut up shop for good. But for many of us, a weekly trip to Blockbuster to check the new releases or browse the racks of older titles was a beloved ritual. Most of the US stores closed shop soon after that.

Blockbuster formally closed all company-owned stores by January 2014, leaving franchisees to fend for themselves. It brought a lot of national attention, but it wasn't enough to keep the store afloat. The Anchorage store displayed these pieces of movie history and Daymude claims it actually worked. And while a handful of Blockbuster franchises remained open in recent years, there's now only one left. And the future looked bleak from a financial standpoint.