International and domestic impact of U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports


Experts expect China to drive the global soybean demand in the next 10 years, which underscores the significance of the market for USA soy growers.

"The US has provoked this trade war, we do not want to fight it, but in order to safeguard the interests of the country and the people, we have no choice but to fight", said China commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng.

President Donald Trump's trade war with China kicked off on Friday, when the United States started applying 25 percent in tariffs on $35 billion worth of Chinese imports and China fired back with taxes on the same amount of US goods. It's unclear exactly when exactly China's retaliatory tariffs will be officially implemented. Ambassador Richard Grenell reportedly told representatives from Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW about a USA proposal to reduce all auto tariffs.

For example, tariffs that China is expected to impose Friday on USA -made autos would hit German carmakers Daimler and BMW since they both make vehicles in the United States and export them to China.

Economists usually agree higher tariffs are counterproductive.

He threatened to take action against the huge trade deficit the United States has with China and against what the U.S. describes as China's unfair trade practices, including theft of USA intellectual property.

Daimler has already lowered its outlook for profits, citing higher than expected costs from the new tariffs. He noted that the new Russian tariffs will only allow a partial compensation of $87.6 million.

Despite Trump's tariffs on European metals exports and threats to hit the EU's automobile industry, Brussels shares Washington's concern about China's closed markets and what Western governments say is Beijing's manipulation of trade to dominate global markets. The U.S. has imposed 25 per cent duties on $34 billion USA in Chinese products. No exact date was given. The tariffs on the European Union went into force on June 1.

USA officials see a threat in Beijing's long-range development plan, called Made in China 2025. On Friday 12:01 A.M. U.S. Eastern time, Washington will start taxing 818 Chinese products, including semiconductors and airplane parts, that are worth 34 billion U.S. dollars a year.

"Soybeans are the top agriculture export for the United States, and China is the top market for purchasing those exports", said John Heisdorffer, president of the American Soybean Association (ASA), in a statement. He did not specify which measures.

"Good luck bro!" said one Weibo user.

The president also takes issue with the size of the USA trade deficit with China.

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"It has frequently waged wars against other sovereign countries and made use of the dominant influence of the USA dollar in the global markets to fleece other countries".

"Also, in terms of reducing the U.S".

President Donald Trump on Monday warned the WTO that if the USA isn't treated "properly, we will be doing something".

US President Donald Trump has threatened to escalate the trade conflict with tariffs on as much as $400 billion in Chinese goods if Beijing retaliates against the US tariffs set to take effect on Friday. (Hello Hye-sung/ Hi Ji-yoon.) So tell us more about all this trade battle.

He said: "It is an infernal logic, a unsafe logic, a logic that is in nobody's interest, starting with the U.S".

Last week saw a worsening of the already severe trade conflict between Washington and Beijing, with the USA imposing higher tariffs on a wide range of technological goods imported from China.

Washington imposed 25 percent duties on $34 billion of imports from China, the first in a series of possible increases.

As the world's most developed nation and the rule-maker of the current global governing system, there is "astounding absurdity" in the United States complaining that it's been bullied in trade, the People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China, said in a Chinese language commentary on Friday. "Investors know what's going to happen and it has already been priced in", said Li Liuyang, senior foreign exchange analyst at China Merchants Bank in Shanghai, referring to the yuan market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 99.74 points, or 0.41 percent, to 24,456.48, the S&P 500 gained 23.21 points, or 0.85 percent, to 2,759.82 and the Nasdaq Composite added 101.96 points, or 1.34 percent, to 7,688.39.

Trump's 25 percent tariffs on Chinese goods takes effect on Friday.

The Commerce Ministry on Friday criticized Washington for "trade bullying" following the tariff hike that took effect at noon Beijing time in a spiraling dispute over technology policy that companies worry could chill global economic growth.