In Fiery Interview With British Tabloid, Trump Criticizes Prime Minister, London Mayor


May was hosting Trump at a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Britain's World War II Prime Minister Winston Churchill - the leader who coined the term "special relationship" for the trans-Atlantic bond. May's plan from her advisers and that he now felt a trade deal with the US would be possible.

Trump said May's in trouble because she ignored his advice on both Brexit and migration, and he thinks Johnson would make a great prime minister.

During opening remarks ahead of the joint news conference with May, Trump said he is "OK with" however the British decide to carry out Brexit, despite trashing May's "soft Brexit" blueprint in The Sun. The U.S. can not negotiate a trade deal with the United Kingdom until that date Theresa May cited, which is in 2019. Khan has been outspoken against Trump's Muslim policy in the United States. "And unfortunately there was a story that was done, which was generally fine, but it didn't put in what I said about the prime minister, and I said tremendous things".

The timing of the comments added to the awkwardness.

It also came just days after Mrs May said she believed she would be implementing plans for a new trade deal with the U.S. during his visit.

Prime Minister May said they had discussed plans for an "ambitious" trade agreement.

Donald Trump's denials that he criticized May were immediately contradicted by the Sun, which the Washington Post points out is owned by the Trump-friendly Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch.

Trump told The Sun, "No, no, no, no".

"I would have done it much differently".

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British Twitter users hoped Prime Minister Theresa May would invoke Hugh Grant in the movie Love Actually and push back harder against President Donald Trump than she seems to have so far in their negotiations.

"She wanted to go a different route. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism". "She should negotiate the best way she knows how, but it's too bad what's going on".

"When a deal takes so long, they never work out very well", Trump said hours before meeting May for dinner.

She said: "I heard the turn of phrase that the President used earlier, but let me be very clear about this: we will be leaving the European Union, and we are leaving on the 29th of March, 2019". I have just been hearing this over the last three days.

Asked if he could imagine Johnson leading the United Kingdom one day, Trump said he would not pit the New York-born British MP against his host, but added: "I am just saying I think he would be a great Prime Minister".

Ms Emily Thornberry, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Labour Party who has herself called Mrs May's Brexit plan a delusion, said Mr Trump had been "extraordinarily rude".

"This incredible woman right here is doing a fantastic job, a great job", he said.

He said: "I read reports where that won't be possible, but I believe after speaking with the prime minister's people and representatives and trade experts it will absolutely be possible". "If the strategy at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was to shore up more spending in some ways, the president didn't want to take the win that he had because actually North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have been increasing spending on their own defense, which they haven't yet hit the deadline for in 2024".