Fobbed off: woman accidentally steals auto for two weeks after key mix-up


Returning to the parking lot, she instead got into a black Infiniti QX50 crossover-SUV parked nearby, which she mistook for her rental and which was, unfortunately, open with the keys in the ignition.

"My initial thought was, 'I'm going to have to find out where she got this vehicle from, or my God, how am I going to put cuffs on this elderly female, '" the Cornwall Community Police Service officer told As It Happens guest host Rosemary Barton.

"For the next two weeks, the woman drove around and used the black vehicle for her regular everyday activities", seemingly oblivious to the fact that the auto she was driving was not the same one that she had rented, the police said.

A woman in Cornwall, Ontario accidentally stole a vehicle that she thought was her rental-despite the fact it was a different make, model and body-style. After contacting the police, it was confirmed that the Infiniti had indeed been listed as stolen. After shopping, she hopped in a auto she thought was hers, started it up and drove away. According to police, she complained to the manager about the state of the vehicle, saying that the inside was poorly cleaned and that there was a set of golf clubs left in the auto. And she didn't realize her mistake for another two weeks.

According to Cornwall police, after renting the auto, the woman drove to a local Walmart where she did some grocery shopping.

Though police say there was a "happy and amusing ending to this story", they say it serves as a ideal reminder not to leave key fobs in unattended vehicles.

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And it wasn't until this past weekend when the woman returned the vehicle to the same auto rental company that the manager pieced the entire situation together and realized what had happened.

It was the manager at the auto rental company who finally pieced together what had happened. For one, it was messy when she picked it up - and there was a set of golf clubs in the trunk.

"The manager was quite puzzled, as she's turning in keys to an Infiniti, when she rented a Nissan in the first place", MacRae said. She informed the manager that she wasn't entirely happy with the auto. They even tried to explain that the model she was trying to return wasn't on file but she apparently did not want to hear it. The manager then called the police.

There were no official charges so this story has a happy ending.

At this time, the owner of the Infiniti returned to the parking lot and discovered his vehicle was missing, to which he reported it stolen to local police.