Cardi B Files $15 Million Countersuit Against Ex-Manager


But on Thursday, Cardi hit back, countersuing Shaft and alleging he gained her trust, cut her off from other friends and advisers, and then signed her on to contracts that were variously described in the suit as "grossly unfair", "highly one-sided" and "highly favorable to himself". The countersuit lists Shaft received a 20% commission and tried to take advantage of her Sony music publishing deal by demanding that he received 50% of revenue. It claims Shaft exerted control over Cardi B in order to gain a larger percentage of her earnings than previously stated in her initial agreement with WorldStar.

The counterclaim, filed by Almanzar, (minus Foster, Quality Control Management, Lee and Thomas), denies nearly all but the basic allegations, acknowledging that Foster is indeed her publicist, for example, or that she did indeed sign a management contract and recording contract with Raphael and his company WorldStar.

"Shaft and KSR/WorldStar controlled all the books and records relating to Ms. Almanzar's professional activities", the counterclaim reads. For these deals Shaft used an attorney who purported to act for both KSR and Ms. Almanzar simultaneously. "Unlike most loans, this loan was not formalized with any note, carried no interest, required no collateral and provided no realistic means of repayment". Now she seeks $15 million from him.

Red-hot rapper Cardi B is suing her former manager for $15 million, claiming he exploited her and tried to "maintain complete control over her. even attempting to control her personal life, telling her who she should and should not see romantically". He's also accused her current managers Quality Control Management's Kevin "Coach K" Lee and Pierre "Pee" Thomas of tortious interference.

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Raphael blames both Offset and Patience Foster, who is Cardi B's makeup artist and publicist, for "turning" her against him, and feels that but for their influence, he would still be a part of Cardi's success. "Shaft's last-second token suggestion that Ms. Almanzar have her own separate counsel review the Atlantic Recording Corporation deal, which was presented as a fait accompli, hardly excuses the blatant breach of trust and breaches of the duty of care, loyalty and candor which Counter-Defendants owed to Ms. Almanzar".

Cardi B is not taking the lawsuit from her ex-manager lying down. Leonard is listed as a co-writer on Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow".

Raphael is seeking at least $10 million damages through the suit. Her latest album "Invasion of Privacy" was released earlier this month and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200.