Why Did Google Remove Uber Booking From Maps?


Now, Google is strangely removing a big portion of that functionality.

Google has offered one of the easiest ways to book an Uber ride-until now. But instead of continuing the process of booking a ride, you now have to tap a button that reads "open app" to schedule the auto. However, for reasons now unknown, Google just removed that integration. Which is why Google partnered up with Uber so they could integrate the company's ride-sharing service directly into the Google Maps application. Google added that you can still open the Uber app and request a ride in there once you find your route.

For a reason yet to be explained, Alphabet's removed the ability to hail Uber rides from Google Maps.

Now though, that service integration is gone - and we have no idea why.

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Google does not provide any reason why Uber integration was pulled, but Android Police notes that Uber's integration was actually pulled from Google Maps on iOS back in the summer of 2017, but for some reason it continued to remain available within the Android version of Google Maps, at least until now. The change means that, in the United States at least, only Lyft is integrated as a route option when using Google Maps for directions. With the service, you have an estimate in advance showing approximately how much your ride will cost, and you get to sit in a clean late model vehicle instead of a dirty cab with a driver running up the fare. Google hyped up the feature when it was first added last January, releasing YouTube videos showing users how to book a ride without ever leaving the app.

Uber has certainly changed how people get around. Google's self-driving project Waymo has been at loggerheads with Uber, and a recent lawsuit resulted in Uber settling for a whopping $245million for alleged intellectual property theft.

Or you could just use Lyft, which still has Google Maps integration and has a much better company track record.