Watch the Square Enix E3 2018 press conference live stream right here


Square Enix has announced two brand new games at E3, plus more news on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4. Babylon's Fall is also new. While it looks like it certainly incorporates some historic events from whatever version of history the game is sporting, the characters appear to have some sort of powers as well as seen when a warrior uses orange tendril-like appendages to disarm and shred through an opponent.

A brand new game from Square Enix, Babylon's Fall takes place in the far future and perhaps mimics the fall of real-world Babylon in 500s BCE. First up this morning is Square Enix, which is a bit of a surprise, considering we haven't seen them hold an E3 press conference in a number of years.

What will be in the Square Enix E3 2018 press conference? Additionally we saw the Kingdom Hearts III trailer we saw at the Microsoft event yesterday, along with a deeper look into Captain Spirit, which looks cute, but I find it hard to get super excited about.

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There was no news about Final Fantasy 7's remake either, a game that still has no release date, though it's known that it'll be releasing in episodes.

Kingdom Hearts III is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 25, 2019 in Japan and Asia, and January 29 in North America and Europe.