Valve Launches Beta for Completely Overhauled Set of Steam Chat Features


Valve has already worked with Perfect World to run games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2 in China, but this expansion of their partnership means that more games will have an easier path to entering this lucrative market. The gaming company just announced Steam Chat, which is now in beta for anyone to try. This feature can be used by developers to implement custom details to be shown off by those playing their games.

The new friends list enables favorite friends, groups, and chats to be maintained at the top of the list, where they're easily accessible, and they can also be grouped by game or by party, making it easier to keep track of who's playing what, and who's playing together.

New features include a modernized chat experience, a more flexible friend list, group chats built for gaming, and more.

New handsome Metro Exodus screenshots released
A release date was also announced for February 22nd, 2019, and the trailer is available to watch down below. The previous titles of Metro mostly took place in the underground subway system in Moscow.

Next comes the new group chats. Open up a conversation with a friend or a group chat to send and receive messages with text, pictures, video, tweets and voice calls. That isn't a bad thing-Discord has become popular with many gamers because it's one of the best communications platforms out there-but it's hard not to think Valve took a little too much inspiration here. Uploading images straight to the chat to share is also supported. The company didn't elaborate on the general improvements, but it did say that you can quickly see if your friends are in a voice chat right from your friends list, and that you should notice "clear, crisp voice quality before, during, and after your games".

"Steam voice chat was rewritten from the ground up with a new WebRTC-based backend". As the new overhaul is only available in the client to Steam beta users, interested parties will need to go to the client's Settings and opt into the Steam Beta Update in the Accounts tab. Valve is collecting feedback via this section of its forums.