UK PM vows big funding increase for National Health Service


The Shadow Health Secretary says Theresa May hasn't got "a sensible explanation as to where this money's coming from" for her boost in NHS funding.

Theresa May also said that further details on where the cash for the NHS will be found will be given out in "due course".

As she prepared for a major speech in London on Monday, the Prime Minister was coming under pressure to explain exactly how she will pay for the planned 3.4% increase in NHS spending. "Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations with much to offer to support both patients and the health service".

The Government is facing growing questions over the tax and borrowing increases needed to provide billions of pounds in extra NHS funding, amid scepticism of a "Brexit dividend".

Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) director Paul Johnson says the dividend doesn't exist as the United Kingdom faces a steep exit bill, much of the money that would have gone to the European Union has already been promised elsewhere, and the Office for Budget Responsibility has calculated public finances will be £15 billion a year worse off due to Brexit.

"We will be writing to Jeremy Hunt to make sure he is fully aware of what pharmacy can offer when decisions are made about where to spend this new investment".

Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed a "Brexit dividend" will be one of the ways the United Kingdom will pay for flushing more money into the NHS over the next seven years.

It is expected that taxes and borrowing will rise to pay for the increase in funding, and resources will be redirected from the more than £9 billion a year the United Kingdom now pays into the EU.

May also said that one of the priorities of the NHS' ten-year-plan will be "harnessing the power of innovation".

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Mr Dickson said the existing system "will certainly not be able to cope - even with this injection", and the country needs "an honest debate about what the NHS can and cannot do".

Plus, the funding increase announced focuses only on NHS England.

Asked about the scepticism over the Brexit dividend - official forecasts are that departing the European Union will cost the public purse around £15bn a year, while much of the European Union contribution has already been allocated for the next few years - May insisted it existed.

But she added: 'It is essential that as more details of her long-term plan are announced, general practice is recognised for the vital role it plays in delivering safe, effective patient care in the community, and keeping the entire NHS sustainable'.

The prime minister has been urged to admit where extra money for the NHS is really going to come from.

It follows Mrs May's announcement that the NHS budget would rise by 3.4% a year on average over the next five years.

"They would be the first to say some forecasts in the past have been wrong and I think most people think the British economy's been a lot more resilient than predicted at the time of the referendum".

Asked how improvements to social care could be funded, he said: "We all need to make better provision for our own social care ... than we do at the moment".