Singapore Agreement Will End Cold War, S. Korea President Says


President Donald Trump said his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "would not have happened" without Otto Warmbier, the American college student who mysteriously died after being sent home from a North Korean labor camp previous year.

In a news conference following the summit, Trump also praised North Korea's beaches "from a real estate perspective".

Beijing's participation in the penalties is a key to keeping them in play against Kim's regime.

But in his first face-to-face encounter with Kim, Trump was accused of ignoring the pariah state's human rights record. "We did sanctions and all of the things you would do, but without the rhetoric...we wouldn't have been here".

Geng dismissed accusations from Trump that Beijing has been easing up on the sanctions, saying it is following United Nations sanctions "comprehensively, accurately and strictly".

"Today I assured his dad, as the president said two days ago, their beloved son, Otto Warmbier, will not have died in vain", Pence said. It was brutal. A lot of people started to focus on what was going on, including North Korea'.

He was the first leader to get the USA president to meet with him and he can bring back this great victory to his country and focus on what he says his priority now, which is the shift from the nuclear weapons development to improving the North Korean economy.

The Kims have ruled North Korea since the Soviet Union designated Kim Jong Un's grandfather, Kim ll-Sung, as Communist leader in 1948.

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Trump and Kim signed a document on Tuesday stating that Pyongyang would work toward "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

The U.S. president said he raised the issue of human rights with Kim, and he believed the North Korean leader wanted to 'do the right thing.' He said the negotiations he has initiated should help improve conditions in the isolated country.

"I think that without Otto this would not have happened".

Warmbier was detained on January 2, 2016, as his tour group was departing, and accused of hostile acts against the country as an agent of the USA government - specifically, stealing a political poster from his hotel as a "trophy".

Told by doctors he would never recover, the parents agreed to remove him from life support and he died six days later, age 22.

"I think we just need to continue to be concerned about whether or not North Korea is going to stand by its word".

Warmbier's parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier said they appreciated Trump's comments. By then, he had spend 17 months a North Korean prison. 'People say why are you doing this?