Queen Elizabeth’s cousin will celebrate the first same-sex royal wedding


Though if his cousin, Elizabeth, decided to make an appearance, we wouldn't hate it.

Despite divorcing eight years ago, they remain close and Penny is helping with the wedding arrangements. The man was frankly told that for 16 years marriage with his ex-wife penny Mountbatten, he "struggled" and "determine their orientation".

The royal family maintains many old-fashioned rules and traditions, but this summer's lineup of royal weddings appears to indicate a royal family that is becoming more inclusive and representative of the diverse people they rule. 'It makes me feel quite emotional.

The wedding itself is set to be very non-traditional and they will likely forgo tuxedos and dancing, the couple revealed to the Daily Mail.

"If there were two things Ivar and I could have changed about ourselves in our marriage, I wouldn't have drunk so much and you would, perhaps, have changed your sexuality?"

"All my good friends have accepted James, I basically told everyone: 'I've found somebody - it's a bloke".

Unfortunately, will not arrive to the wedding of other members of the Royal family. Their plans are planned for the months ahead, they are far away, but they love James.

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In this "very modern marriage", there was no proposal per se, just an agreement that the two men would marry. "It was the girls' idea", she said of their three daughters, Ella (22), Alix (20) and Luli (15).

He was even open with her about his sexuality, but felt that he couldn't come out because of his parents and the general homophobia in society.

Penelope noted that "Ivar is so much more relaxed these days..."

Penny is clearly an wonderful, understanding woman, whom Ivar describes as being very similar to James. She said that when her husband was forced to hide who he was, he was miserable.

Mountbatten also explained why he made a decision to Wednesday James even though he has been married before. "Now it's 'out, ' he's a completely different person".

As for the upcoming wedding, Mountbatten says he wants to do it for his partner James.

He stated that he considered his three daughters before going through with the marriage and that they were adults who were in support of him.