Porsche Marks 70 Years with 911 Speedster..


Porsche has officially announced the name of its new electric GT vehicle and it's Porsche Taycan.

The "Mission E" concept study, the name now used to describe Porsche's complete electric offering, will be known as the Taycan. Speaking at a meeting held at the Porsche Museum on the 70th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, CEO Oliver Blume announced that the name of the new auto will be Taycan, which means "the vitality and mobility of a young horse" in English. Explaining the new moniker, Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume said in a statement, "Our new electric sports auto is strong and dependable; it's a vehicle that can consistently cover long distances and that epitomizes freedom".

Although it's not due for reveal until 2019, ahead of arriving in showrooms in 2020, Porsche has already racked up thousands of test miles in mules that appear to be further advanced than regular cars at this stage of their development process. The vehicle will feature two permanently synchronous motors (PSM) that provides a total system output of over 600 PS (590 hp or 440 kW).

This performance is in addition to a continuous power level that is unprecedented among electric vehicles: Multiple jump starts are possible in succession without loss of performance, and the vehicle's maximum range is over 500km in accordance with the NEDC. Macan is taken from the Indonesian word for tiger, while Cayenne denotes fieriness.

Porsche plans to invest more than six billion Euros in electromobility by 2022, doubling the investment that the company had originally planned.

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The Porsche Taycan is set to begin production in 2019, and will go up against other pure electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model S. Furthermore, expect other variants and derivatives of the Taycan to be produced in the future as Porsche has invested Euro 500 million into the model name.

To prepare for the arrival of the Porsche Taycan, Porsche has set aside a dedicated assembly for the EV model at the Stuttgart-Zuddenhausen headquarters.

Porsche is also said to be developing an 800-volt system to allow a charge rate of up to 350kW.

The Taycan will also lead to 1,200 new jobs being created at a new factory for the model in Zuffenhausen, Germany, alone.

The sports vehicle manufacturer is celebrating its anniversary with numerous activities throughout 2018.

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