Pokemon Go Will Finally Introduce A Trading System


Niantic has announced today that Pokemon GO will receive a long-awaited update later this week. You and your fellow trainers will create this Facebook-ish profiles and exchange "friend codes" with each other, (which should be familiar to anyone who's ever networked on a Nintendo product before.) Once both players have accepted, you can expect the same infrastructure you get out of your Battle.net profile, or Steam dashboard.

Trading increases your Friend Level, though you can also send them Gifts - a new item you'll receive when spinning a Pokéstop explicitly for giving out to pals. Performing these acts increases a Friendship rating, which in turn reduces the Stardust cost of trading and gives attack bonuses during raids.

After two years of inviting players to catch 'em all, Pokemon Go will soon offer the ability to trade 'em too.

One of the easiest ways to build a person's Friendship is via trading.

Here's how it works: If you want to become friends with someone, you'll need someone to share their Trainer Code with you. Yes, for the first time, one of the crucial fantasies of the "Pokemon" universe - the thing that caused so much consternation in elementary school, as your cheapskate friends tried to bully you into giving up your Machamp for 10 cents on the dollar - will be coming to your iPhone.

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The cornerstone of trading is the new friendship system.

Trading and the Friend system are set to appear in Pokemon Go over this week. But friends that are linked together on Pokemon Go can team up at Pokemon Gym and Raid Battles while achieving "Friendship level milestone rewards on their way to Best Friend status". For instance, one of the chief updates Niantic is implementing is a "friends list", which is honestly something I thought "Pokemon Go" already had. Players can also get extra Premier Balls when they complete Raids with their Friends. This is arguably the biggest way Pokemon Go's version of trading differs from trading in the main series - where trading Pokemon in a main series game is free, trading in Pokemon Go requires you to spend Stardust.

Players will need to be within 100 meters in order to complete a trade - so this isn't a feature that players can use remotely. Trading Pokemon with friends also raises the Friendship Level.

Lastly, PokeStops will sometimes spawn Gifts, which can be sent to a trainer in your friends list. In them will be a selection of random items, and the chance for a special Egg.