Merkel says differences on trade remain despite joint G7 communique


The European members of the G7 are agreed that Russian Federation can not be readmitted into the club until there is an improvement in the crisis in Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday.

The photo appeared on Merkel's Instagram account, describing the image as a "spontaneous meeting".

Earlier, the office of the President of France Emmanuel Macron announced that the European participating countries of the group of seven unanimously voted against the call of the President of the United States to recover of the Russian Federation in the structure.

"Our companies have moved out and moved to Mexico and other countries, including Canada".

"The leaders of the G7 has not discussed climate change and trade, which are the most sensitive" she said. Trump said the tariffs are necessary for national security.

Macron left his mark on Trump's hand after a firm handshake
Image:Emmanuel Macron left his mark on Donald Trump’s hand after a firm handshake

Subsequently, the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte supported the call trump on the return of Russian Federation to the G7.

The two-day summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, ended in disarray after Trump said the U.S. wouldn't endorse the joint communique, and insulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Macron also tweeted Saturday a photo of the other leaders and aides surrounding Trump, who was one of just two people sitting.

Mrs Merkel's photo has taken off on social media, spawning all sorts of memes and amusing caption contests.

". Even before the Russian Federation remarks, Trump had effectively upended this year's G-7 summit by raising the prospect of refusing to sign on to a joint statement with other leaders asserting commonly shared principles and values".

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