Here's why IHOP switched its name to IHOB


IHOP, which recently changed its iconic name to IHOb, has revealed what the new consonant stands for: "burgers".

IHOP began teasing the name change a week ago on social media, then came the big announcement.

Many speculated the name change was for bacon or for breakfast.

This morning, IHOb (using a lowercase b to symbolize the flipping of P, from pancakes to burgers) unveiled a menu featuring what it calls ultimate steakburgers.

Whataburger's Tweet may win the internet Monday.

"Is it worldwide house of buttermilk pancakes".

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Of course, it didn't help that the chain failed to include "burgers" as an option on its Twitter poll. The "b" stands for burgers! On its website, the company featured a countdown clock for when the "b" would be revealed.

Rebelez also said that the menu shake-up and temporary new name was a "high-risk maneuver".

It looks like IHOP isn't the only restaurant chain rebranding itself.

An IHOP in Hollywood is getting new IHOb signs, and some others might get the treatment. Options included biscuits, bacon, butternut squash or barnacles. The name change, though, is meant to help the franchise connect with more people.

Tell Us: Will you be trying one of IHOb's burgers? But IHOP - sorry, IHOb - wants to be known as a place to get lunch and dinner, not just breakfast and brunch.