Frodo's in a Mindswapping VR Game About Brain Hijacking


Who would have though SpectreVision, the movie production company behind such diverse and uniquely frightening films as the acclaimed A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and the controversial The Greasy Strangler, would have one of the most eye-catching trailers of E3 2018...for only their very first game?

Experience the limits of techno-psychology and escape a maze-like puzzle concealing a corrupted truth.

The backstory: When brilliant-but-troubled scientist Raymond Hayes experiments with brain data collected from himself and his family, their combined consciousness begins to form a dark and twisted digital simulation.

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Elijah Wood took to the stage during Ubisoft's E32018 presentation to speak to the audience about upcoming virtual reality (VR) title, the mind-bending, psychological story of Transference. And it won't just be a VR game, as it was originally announced: Wood and game director Benoit Richer said during the show that it's also coming to traditional platforms. With Transference, we are bringing a first-person exploration game into a chilling new dimension.

Transference is set to come out in Fall 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PSVR, and other VR platforms. Recover a fragmented family as you shift back and forth between each individual's perspective and piece together the mystery of their lives. This is no RPG, you stumble into Raymond's experiment with your own experience and must interpret events for yourself. Manipulate the world with your hands through Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive Controller.