E3 2018: Telltale Working On Stranger Things As Minecraft Heads To Netflix


Meanwhile, the "Stranger Things" game will be launched on the Telltale platform "at a later date", per a Netflix representative.

It, however, confirmed a partnership with Telltale Games in order to expand its existing roster of interactive content, among them beingPuss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout, and as stated above, Minecraft: Story Mode adaptation will be the first fruit borne of this, come fall. "(Though, from the sounds of it, numerous battle sequences will be cut from the final product, )" the article notes.

"There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", a Netflix rep said.

In other words, Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix isn't some new venture for the streaming service.

In addition, Telltale also confirmed that the studio will be bringing a five-episode "interactive" version of Minecraft: Story Mode to Netflix this fall.

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Forward-looking: Netflix is expanding it's library to interactive movies and games that increase viewer engagement create a new form of consumable media. It also said the initiative would include a partnership with Minecraft-maker Telltale Games that would feature a project combining Minecraft with the universe from the Netflix hit show Stranger Things.

As mentioned, this type of storytelling has been in development at Netflix for a while. "What [Netflix] was saying to us when we were working on developing this, they feel like when you're watching the show, you're sitting on the back of your seat". No running, jumping, shooting, or climbing that would necessitate an actual video game controller. What they wanted to do with this was be in the middle. You can always fast forward, but we are lazy creatures. If ... "You're sort of halfway between those experiences".

A final piece of evidence regarding the existence of such a concoction is this listing for a job over at Netflix, with one of the requirements being that the candidate "use games as a marketing tactic to capture demand and delight our member community (ex: Stranger Things: The Game)".

While the projects being developed with Telltale Games might technically be considered games, that choice of partners is telling, given that the Telltale Games format is actually a lot closer to a choose-your-own-adventure narrative than a traditional shoot-'em-up.

Well, just like the show, Things just keep getting Stranger around here.