E3 2018: Fire Emblem Three Houses Announced For Switch


True story, I bought a Nintendo 3Ds back in the day just to play Fire Emblem - Nintendo's turn-based strategy RPG series that always features great combat, wonderful characters, and a deep and engaging story. So far, the company's latest console had only been graced with the spin-off game Fire Emblem Warriors, but that's set to change next year.

But an even more startling element we observed was the presence of an overworld. We'll find out eventually...the game is too early for a demo.

At E3 today, Nintendo revealed Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a new game coming to Switch in Spring 2019. Fire Emblem Three Houses got its name and its first trailer showing off some details.

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This new game takes place Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros exerts huge control over its people. Now, Fire Emblem on Switch can help the series continue to grow. However, things look much more dynamic this time around in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with armies fighting around you.

All things considered, the trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses confirms that the upcoming game will be similar to the titles that preceded it, while also adding its own spin on the franchise's core gameplay.