E3 2018: Doom Eternal Announced with Hellishly Good Teaser


The announcement comes from Bethesda's E3 showcase and a full gameplay reveal is promised at Quakecon on August 10. There will be twice as many demons as in the last game, and Hell will come to Earth. Until then details were limited to another event. The company states that DOOM Eternal is now still in the works but they expect to be ready for full unveiling at QuakeCon 2018.

During their E3 2018 Press Conference, Bethesda announced Doom Eternal, a direct sequel to Doom, with a teaser trailer. Unfortunately, we don't know very much about Doom Eternal at this point, but that should all change soon.

And what of the want for "Hell on Earth"?

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The trailer also adds Lea Seydoux and Lindsey Wagner to the cast, but sadly had nothing to say on any kind of release window. It will, however, be a PlayStation exclusive, either for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Are you pumped for a new Doom? Its official debut will be at QuakeCon 2018.

Developers id Software rehashed the original Doom in 2016, the fourth title in the Doom series. DOOM is a great arena shooter and if done right, it could be another game added to the scene.

The video description sheds a little more light on what's going to be happening in DOOM Eternal. Expect the game on the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.