Courtney Hadwin gets Golden Buzzer from Howie on America’s Got Talent 2018


The 13-year-old came across as extremely shy she stepped out, and she admitted to being very nervous when introducing herself to the judges.

Before she sang, Hadwin's father explained that his daughter was so shy and reclusive she had a hard time talking with people or making friends, and communicated best through her singing. After she was done rocking out, the judges were quick to shower Courtney with praise.

Courtney Hadwin gets the Golden Buzzer from Howie on America's Got Talent Season 13 Auditions Week 3 Episode on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

Courtney danced around on stage, belting out the lyrics, while everyone in the audience was shocked by the young performer.

When the song ended she got a standing ovation, much to her dad's delight, who was watching with host Tyra Banks from backstage.

Her super-strong vocal performance thrilled Simon Cowell and the other judges - Spice Girl Mel B, model Heidi Klum and actor Howie Mandel. "Oh my gosh. You are not from this era", he says seeming disappointed he can't offer her a record deal there and then. "Oh my gosh! You are not from this era".

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Courtney Hadwin gets the golden buzzer and she moving straight to the live shows. Watch the video to see her wonderful performance.

She tweeted her thanks Tuesday night.

This week her audition from America's Got Talent went on TV and the result was pretty incredible!

And the young talent is no stranger to the limelight of TV, having already stared in the ITV's The Voice Kids past year.