Boulder-Size Asteroid Burns Up Over Africa Hours After Its Discovery


Given the name 2018 LA, it was first spotted by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona on June 2 in the U.S. at which point the asteroid was as close to Earth as the moon, astronomers said. However, since the asteroid was determined to be so small and therefore harmless, no further impact alerts were issued by NASA.

NASA Headquarters' Planetary Defense Officer, Lindley Johnson, said, "The Asteroid was a very small object to identify and notify". According to NASA, the rock disintegrated over Southern Africa.

And second, these small asteroids are often identified only after they enter our atmosphere, picked up by the International Monitoring System, part of an organization created to monitor infrasound - or low-frequency sound waves - in the atmosphere.

Astronomers involved in sky survey were looking for Near Earth Objects that mostly include asteroids which may harm our Earth if hit on main areas as happened in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013 that heavily damaged the buildings and caused injury to thousand of people.

Tracing its potential zone of impact - not an easy task with only 14 observations - simulations found that it could have hit anywhere along a line that stretched from Oceania, all the way to southern Africa. However, the asteroid of 2008 was detected nineteen hours before it struck the sky over Sudan.

He said: 'The advantage I had was I saw it in colour and it was not like on the cameras.

This small asteroid has first got the name of ZLAF9B2, but only as a temporary denomination.

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Small asteroids are hard to detect and impact Earth more often than many may realize, according to Peter Brown who is physics and astronomy professor at Western University.

"The discovery of the asteroid in 2018, LA became the third case, when the asteroid was discovered on the swing", - said the expert of the center of studies near-earth objects Paul Chodas.

NASA discovered an asteroid heading straight to earth but watched it disintegrate before impact.

This is the incredible moment a high-speed asteroid the size of a auto explodes over the South African wilderness just seconds before impact.

And While 2018 LA was detected soon before it came at our setting, there are various organizations looking for potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) which may seriously affect life.

In 2008, an asteroid measuring 4 metres was spotted 19 hours in advance. The same asteroid hunter, Richard Kowalski, made all three discoveries.