Australia says end to South Korea-US war games not a certainty


"An honorable mention." He also said he thought he'd meet with Trump soon. "So it came as a bit of a surprise", he said.

According to Rodman, Kim said he'd be "willing to talk" to Obama under certain conditions. Unlike Trump, Obama brushed off Rodman's efforts to act as a mediator between Kim and the United States. "It was just too hot".

"But again I just want to emphasise that the exercise is not provocative from our perspective, it's a purely defensive exercise to maintain readiness". He said of Clinton: "He spent $3 billion and got nothing".

Rep. Ed Royce of California, who is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, applauded Trump for pursuing peace through diplomacy, but he also said Kim had "gained much" Tuesday, "including an apparent promise" from Trump to suspend military drills. "Trump's going to be Trump", he told the AP. "It's going to be on Donald's hands and how he's going to play this". Randall Schriver, the Pentagon's assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, was in Singapore for the summit as part of the US delegation, and will return to Washington as the Pentagon considers its next moves. It is a great day.

Trump and Kim met privately from 9:05am local time for 48 minutes flanked only by their translators, then broke for a wider bilateral meeting with aides, a meeting expected to last 90 minutes, leading into lunch at 11:30am (3:30 GMT).

"That would be a discussion between two democracies", the Pentagon chief said, referring to the USA and Seoul, noting the issue is "not something other countries would have initial domain over".

Mitchell Reiss, who served from 2003-2005 as the U.S. State Department's director of policy planning, said it is important to make such decisions hand-in-hand with South Korea.

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THE FACTS: He's wrong in suggesting his administration is the first to start on denuclearization with North Korea.

Turnbull echoed that line: "I want to say that I do not believe that summit would have occurred had it not been for the absolute solidarity on the very tough economic sanctions on North Korea that have been imposed by the UN security council, that's had the support, obviously, of the United States and Japan and Australia and other countries, but also China. Glad I fired him on Apprentice!"

While President Moon Jae-in hailed the summit, conservative pundits in South Korea were unimpressed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was willing to open talks with the United States five years ago and asked former National Basketball Association star Dennis Rodman to deliver the message to then-U.S. President Barack Obama.

TRUMP: "I remember a nuclear event took place, 8.8 on the Richter scale, and they announced - I heard it on the radio, they announced that a massive, you know, an quake took place somewhere in Asia".

Although the Pentagon said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was consulted ahead of time, current and former USA defense officials expressed concern at the possibility that the United States would unilaterally halt military exercises without an explicit concession from North Korea lowering the threat from Pyongyang.