Apple Maps outage disrupts search and navigation for all users


When Newsweek tried Apple Maps at 11:30 a.m. Friday the app would pick up our location but was unable to process any route, saying "directions not available" on multiple attempts.

Apple Maps has apparently gone down worldwide and users of the Global Positioning System app are not pleased about the situation.

Apple said it's working on a fix. Almost all of the app's real functionalities appeared to be down.

Apple's own support site mentions that there is an issue with certain maps functionality.

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Those who attempted to use Apple Maps this morning during their commutes were met with a frustrating situation-Apple's navigation app hasn't been working properly for much of the day.

Unfortunately, Apple has only just announced its CarPlay platform would open up to third-party navigation and mapping apps with the release of iOS 12 - but that hasn't yet come to pass. And if you want to get a little more sophisticated, try Waze. The Down Detector, a crowd-sourced service that highlights these kinds of issues, has confirmed that the problem is widespread and not limited to one geographic area.

At the time or writing, Apple Maps functions appear to be back up and running. The big unknown at this point is how many people have access to the feature and when Google will be rolling it out to more Maps users.