YouTube just added songwriter, label and publisher credits to millions of songs


It's a good addition to the YouTube platform, especially considering it will help provide proper credit to artists and songwriters involved in songs. Automatically generated YouTube videos under "Topic" been doing this for years in their descriptions, using data supplied by the label or distributor that could be extremely thorough or entirely absent for an artist, even from album to album. The "Music in this Video" feature is live now, go check it out and see who has been making your favorite songs.

This means that if you are watching anything from a makeup tutorial, travel vlog, instructive videos, to comedy skits, and you like the song that's playing in the background, you can now access the song and see who created it. The new description feature, called "Music in this video", provides credits-which includes artist, songwriter, label, and publisher-on both music videos and fan-uploaded content that contains recorded music.

By default, YouTube is therefore building something akin to its very own Global Rights Database for music - which may alarm some of the more suspicious elements of territorial PROs around the globe.

"Music in this video" strives to provide greater recognition and exposure to the people who contribute to the creative process.

Google notes that detailed info for third-party content is a first on any music platform thanks to Content ID technology, with record labels, music publishers, and right societies providing the details. YouTube now has the answers for over half a billion videos... and counting.

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It's notable that today's news of the "Music in this video" feature was accompanied by approving statements from some of YouTube's prominent critics within the industry.

"This move by YouTube is an important step forward to deliver that goal and one which Sony/ATV welcomes".

"Unlike with CDs, and LPs before that, songwriters are not generally credited for their work on digital services and platforms", said Ashcroft.

"Songwriters are essential to the success of the music industry, but too often their critical role gets overlooked". "Music in this video" will be accessible by clicking "Show more" underneath a video.

Earlier in May, YouTube launched a range of music charts in 44 countries, highlighting the top songs, artists and videos as well as a chart focused on trending music on its platform. "Music in this video" will be apart of all videos on YouTube.