US Air Force apologizes for Yanny/Laurel tweet about Afghan war


"The "#BRRT" in the deleted tweet likely refers to the sound made by the A-10 jet's famous 30mm cannon.

Shortly after the briefing, the Air Force tweeted out an apology, saying "it was made in poor taste".

The clip was originally posted on Reddit by a user called "squidjeep" and shows a toy, that when activated seems to say either of the words.

When asked about the controversy on Thursday, Pentagon Spokeswoman Dana White said she wasn't aware of the tweet.

The initial tweet, which was apparently meant to be a joke about the viral trend, said the Taliban in Farah, Afghanistan would have much rather heard "Yanny" or "Laurel" than the sound of approaching A-10 Warthogs sent this week to repel the insurgents.

White said she wasn't aware of the Tweet and went on to describe the battle for Farah, in western Afghanistan near the Iran border, as a major defeat for the Taliban and an indication that the new us strategy for Afghanistan - aimed at forcing the Taliban into a political settlement - is taking root.

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"It has since been removed", the Air Force tweeted on Thursday.

"Farah has not fallen", White said. "The 207th Corps commander is leading operations on the ground and the city remains in government control".

She said she would take a look at the post and get back to reporters with a response.

The US military helped Afghan troops repel a major Taliban attack on the Afghan provincial capital Farah on Tuesday and Wednesday that punctured the security perimeter surrounding the city, US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation officials told CNN.

The Taliban boasted May 15 they had overrun large parts of Farah, which at 50,000 inhabitants is the largest city in the poppy-growing region.