TwelveSouth launches AirFly adapter to connect AirPods to in-flight entertainment systems


The miniature white box, hardly bigger than your AirPods case, connects to anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack to provide the wireless connection needed to pair your AirPods.

AirFly is a small unit about the size of a matchbook with a wired out 3.5mm jack, that you can plug into any in-flight entertainment system or gym equipment, to then listen to audio with your wireless Bluetooth headphones.

However the folks at Twelve South are hoping to change that with the launch of the AirFly. It charges via USB. The AirFly offers up to eight hours of battery life, so while it won't last through the longest of flights without a recharge, it will last long enough for most use cases.

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This wonderful little device allows you to use your AirPods or any wireless headphones anywhere that a wire was previously required. It's important to note that Bluetooth headphone adapters aren't anything new, but Twelve South is being clever by marketing it specifically for AirPods. And if you favor true wireless earbuds, like AirPods, there's no "get-out-of-jail" wire so you're basically forced to use the cheap wired earphones that the airplane gives you (or makes you purchase). If you're familiar with AirPods, you'll know they generally prefer to be paired with an iPhone or iPad, so the AirFly product page features a video showing you how to pair your AirPods. In addition, the AIrFly is available in Best Buy Express Machines and InMotion shops in most major airports.

We all Most people love AirPods.