Trump tells NK's Kim to denuclearize or risk overthrow


In a statement released on Thursday, Governor Calvo said he "appreciates President Trump's tough stance in the face of North Korea's threats against Guam and the United States last year".

"The president is ready if the meeting takes place", Sarah Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, told Fox News.

"Seeing the announced statements and responses from North Korea and the United States, we see the two parties as having a honest and serious attitude (to stand in each other's shoes)", the official said.

Mr Kimappeared to be responding to recent comments from Mr Bolton and others suggesting that North Korea should follow the "Libyan model" of nuclear disarmament. "We'll have to see", Trump said in the Oval Office.

North Korea is threatening to cancel its upcoming, much-anticipated summit with the United States - and it already cancelled a high-level meeting with South Korea - because the us and South Korea are conducting a military drill.

Foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Wednesday the two countries should ensure the meeting runs as planned and yields "substantial outcomes".

North Korea's first vice foreign minister, Kim Kye Gwan, said Pyongyang has no interest in a summit with Washington if it's going to be a "one-sided" affair where it's pressured to give up its nukes.

He said North Korea was a nuclear weapon state while Libya had been at the initial stage of nuclear development.

Xi has met twice with Kim over the past two months in what is seen as an attempt to ensure China's interests are upheld in any negotiations between the USA and North Korea. South Korea and the United States have held the exercise twice a year starting from 2009.

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But according to experts, Bolton may have been trying both to provoke North Korea and over-inflate Trump's expectations in a bid t0 sabotage future peace talks.

A U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor lands at Gwangju Air Base in the southwestern city of Gwangju, South Korea, May 16, 2018.

The two-week Max Thunder exercise began on Friday, with 100 military planes, including strategic bombers taking part. He did explain that North Korea no longer required the site.

In an angrily worded statement, the North warned on Wednesday it may back out of the high-level summit if the United States pressures it to give up its nuclear arsenal.

President Donald Trump says despite threats by North Korea to cancel his expected summit with Kim Jong Un, planning continues for the meeting set for next month.

Ms Sanders said the North Korean demands were "not something that is out of the ordinary in these types of operations". He also took issue with USA views that the North should fully relinquish its biological and chemical weapons. The North has frequently used Gadhafi's death to justify its own nuclear development in the face of perceived US threats.

Ri said it will be hard to resume talks with South Korea "unless the serious situation which led to the suspension of the North-South high-level talks is settled".

Although the inflammatory rhetoric may seem typical of the North Korean regime, the style of communication is also similar to Trump's own. North Korea abruptly canceled high-level talks scheduled for Wednesday with the South, citing the current joint U.S. Ultimately, Pyongyang is making it clear that it will not abandon its nuclear deterrent without receiving concessions in return.