Swedish state informs citizens of how to cope with crises or war


In 2016, Germany advised people to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency.

The leaflet, entitled 'Om krisen eller kriget kommer", or "If crisis or war comes', will be distributed to all 4.8m homes in Sweden, and aims to prepare the country's citizens for the outbreak of war or other dangers such as terrorist attacks, and also helps to combat the spread of false information.

The newly minted pamphlets do not specify an attacker, but their release comes amid escalating security concerns following Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014.

However, Russian manoeuvres in the Baltic Sea and Moscow's repeated infringements of Swedish airspace are believed to have prompted a rethink of the country's safety.

Sweden recently voted to bring back military conscription, as well as reversing spending cuts of arms and unveiling a joint plan with Denmark to tackle Russian cyber-crime and "disinformation".

The booklet also gives a guide to different warning signals and what they mean, as well as further information on where to locate bomb shelters.

And Stockholm has started reversing military spending cuts and past year staged its biggest military exercises in almost a quarter of a century, as well as voting to reintroduce conscription and unveilling joint plans with Denmark to counter Russian cyber-attacks and disinformation.

Government of Sweden  Reuters
Government of Sweden Reuters

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) will issue a new pamphlet on public preparedness and security with guidelines to teach people how to behave in crisis situations, during terror attacks or in the event of war after a 57-year-long break.

"Everyone is obliged to contribute and everyone is needed" in the event of armed conflict sparking up in Sweden, it says, stating that "everyone who lives here and is between the ages of 16 and 70 can be called up to assist in various ways in the event of the threat".

The stark informational document is illustrated with pictures of sirens, warplanes and families fleeing from war.

"Even if Sweden is safer than most countries, threats do exist", said MSB head Dan Eliasson to journalists during a press conference.

It's published by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and also warns the public that key supplies of food, medicine and gasoline could run short if the country were to enter a crisis.

Sweden has not been at war with another country for more than 200 years. "If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up", the booklet says.

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