Stan Lee Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against POW! Entertainment


Entertainment, claiming that the media and entertainment company he co-founded conspired with a pair of its employees to steal his identity.

The comic-book icon filed suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against POW!

Lee's lawsuit against his former company includes current CEO Shane Duffy and Gill Champion - co-founder of POW! alongside Lee - and accuses them of tricking Lee into signing over the exclusive rights to his likeness, including the rights to his name. "Inc. the exclusive use of Lee's identity, name, image, and likeness as described in further detail below", the suit continues.

The suit notes the death last year of Joan B. Lee, the plaintiff's wife of 70 years.

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Here's the backstory - POW! was sold to a Chinese company called Camsing in 2017, but during negotiations, Lee claims he was in poor health and dealing with vision loss due to macular degeneration.

According to the complaint, per Variety, Lee had the understanding that he was signing away a non-exclusive right to his name to the company.

Due to Lee's advanced macular degeneration he has lost most of his vision and can not read. "In addition, POW! took control of Lee's personal social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, thereby impersonating Lee before a combined 15 million followers worldwide".

Adam D.H. Grant and Jennifer Levin Stearns of Alpert, Barr & Grant are representing Lee in the suit, which punitive and compensatory damages in excess of $1 billion. If someone had read the document to Lee, the suit adds, "he would not have knowingly signed it. (1) forged Lee's signatures; (2) lifted Lee's signature from another document and imposed it on the Illegitimate Document; or, (3) someone, likely one of the Defendants, induced Lee to sign the Illegitimate Document by using a bait and switch tactic: telling Lee it was something else".