Sports wagering is a freedom, not just a source of state revenue


While bets on high school sporting events have been taken by some offshore sportsbooks in the past, the practice is outlawed in Nevada, the only state as of now to legally offer single-game sports wagering.

Don't forget that numerous major players in Nevada - notably MGM and Caesars - have a major presence in markets likely to bring sports gambling to market quickly like New Jersey and Mississippi. The law limited sports betting to four states that met a 1991 deadline to legalize it: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

The Supreme Court ruling allowing New Jersey (and any other state) to legalize sports gambling may make legal sense, but the 6-3 decision opens a Pandora's box of thorny issues that could undermine the integrity of sports and lead to increased gambling losses and addiction - especially among people who can least afford it. Although it has always been this way, the Supreme Court decision provides some much-needed clarity. "Frankly, there's nothing stopping us from starting now".

It is not unusual for there to be 500 different betting lines on a single game, it said, before pointing out that even Britain's Queen Elizabeth is known to "fancy a flutter". "I may try to figure out something sooner than two weeks, a soft opening, maybe (offer) futures for the Super Bowl". PASPA created a de facto sports betting monopoly for Nevada in 1992, but those days are over.

"We've been fighting for this for seven years and we will move quickly to get the law in place, but it has to be done right, with the regulations, oversight and financing in place", he said. "The New Jersey Legislature will move with alacrity, like their trousers are on fire".

When will my cousin Vinny in Jersey be allowed to bet? And as Drazin alluded to, Super Bowl futures, and presumably college football futures from there.

In many ways, he's the key to sports betting in NY.

"[The] ruling by the Supreme Court was clear in redefining how individual states can implement sports gambling", Swofford said in a statement.

As it was New Jersey that instigated the initial challenge against PASPA, with its final legal bill amounting to $8.7 million, its natural that the state is one of the happiest to see the archaic act finally overturned.

However, a comment from Fox Business Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Monday alluded to the possibility of what might be highly improbable, but technically still a possibility - Congress opting to federally criminalize sports betting, as opposed to regulating it. "Mississippi is going to be a big-time victor". "You have activities like this that are going on right now, illegally, not regulated, no protection for individuals, no protection for the taxpayers and the citizens of the state. They'll be operating this summer, by July or August".

Before this week's ruling, even many gambling opponents believed states - not the federal government - should make the decision, according to the poll.

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Take an article written during the week in "The New York Times".

"Massachusetts is at the forefront", Wallach said.

VACCARO: I've been fortunate being in this insane racket for 41 years. "The flawless storm is brewing in MA to get something done, perhaps this year".

Ask your local bookie about his "integrity" fee.

First, he said a decision must be made on whether or not to legalize sports betting and if that threshold decision is affirmative then a regulatory system needs to be put in place. "I think it's a pretty steep climb to get to 10 states by the end of this year".

Sturm is referring to the millions of people already betting online.

In New Jersey, that option won't be immediately available but should be in due time as the rollout goes forward.

Soon, depending on where you live.

The New Jersey Assembly and Senate have two separate bills in the works. MS will be land-based. Revenue from the brick-and-mortar space is declining, while online gambling winnings are growing.

The reason that federal commandeering of state legislative processes is unconstitutional - Justice Samuel Alito's sports betting opinion likened commandeering to having a federal agent on the floor of each state legislature give a thumbs-up or -down to proposed legislation - is that it flies in the face of the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution. This also involves the Paddy Power as well as William Hill of Britain. And people still find their way to Vegas in droves.

Editor's note: This article was first published on, a site also owned by Tribune. United States legislators should visit Ireland to see the model of how not to regulate gambling.