Sebastian Vettel's struggles continue with 4th place at Spanish GP


Vettel suspects that it could be because of the tyre compound thickness, which Pirelli changed for this race to reduce the risk of blistering. The drivers and teams know the track too well, and the layout of the track with those long-radius medium- and high-speed corners means that it's hard to follow another vehicle. Ten laps after the Ferraris had pitted, Hamilton ducked into the pits with nearly 20 seconds to spare ahead of the next auto.

He suffered severe graining on his front left tyre which forced him to pit 20 laps earlier than Red Bull, denting any hope of securing a podium finish. "But we're not really asked".

"In 2009, we went, 'Let's go less aerodynamics and better racing, ' and in fact I think it didn't change too much", Vettel said.

Nikita Mazepin was fifth quickest as he completed more than 100 laps for Force India, with this weekend's GP3 feature race victor enjoying another outing for the team. "They come first. If we were to look at others, Daniel is definitely among them". There's quite a bit of debate over this, with five teams in favour and five against the regulation changes.

Vettel was agreeing with a comment made by Barcelona poleman Lewis Hamilton, who was sat alongside the Ferrari driver in the post-qualifying press conference at the Spanish Grand Prix.

"Hopefully that will help us get the most out of the auto at the upcoming races".

"We want to push the boundaries and the limits", said Hamilton.

"We are not far from finalising things".

What are you hearing: Yanny or Laurel?
However, they report that age isn't the only reason that the audio may be heard differently by different people. It's crucial, she adds, to "use your experience with sound and what you know about it to fill in the gaps".

"It's incredible the technology we have and what we're doing with it". Plus, if we don't have the occasional boring race, we won't appreciate the good ones!

"You could probably see from my energy when I got out of the auto that it was definitely a great, great feeling". "We know we have a strong auto".

The Ferrari driver qualified and raced coolly ahead of the Red Bulls till he slowed mysteriously down and allowed those everrestless teammates to pass.

F1 is in its second year under the ownership of US -based Liberty Media, which has also been instilling changes to try to further promote the series. "I feel that if you understand something is getting wrong you should try to find a solution".

"We went through a lot of analysis of the new aero package and did a number of tests to understand it a bit better and get a read on exactly how it's affecting the behaviour of the auto".

Just before Raikkonen exited the race, a television commentator remarked on how extraordinary it was to see the young (and easily provoked) Max Verstappen not make a single error all weekend.

"The best ones are very sensitive and fragile", Wolff said. His 1:18.441 was more than three seconds faster than the previous record - a 1:21.670 - set by Kimi Raikkonen in 2008.