Rohan Chand's 'Mowgli' promises darker take of 'The Jungle Book'


The first trailer for Andy Serkis's retelling of Jungle Book has just hit the web.

Just two years after Disney released their live-action/CGI remake of The Jungle Book into the wild, Warner now unveiling its own rendition of Rudyard Kipling's classic story.

The story will follow the upbringing of the human child Mowgli, who was raised by a wolf pack in the jungles of India.

Master of motion capture, Andy Serkis is helming the project and he also plays the character of Baloo.

Andy Serkis is perhaps best known for his fantastic motion-capture work in the Lord Of The Rings and rebooted Planet Of The Apes film series than anything else in his entire career.

Interactions between him and black panther Bagheera (Bale) and tiger Shere Khan (Cumberbatch) are featured in the clip.

The creepy and slithering Ka python whose voice is being lent by Cate Blanchett whispers to Mowgli, "I think we both can agree Mowgli that you are something the jungle has never seen before". Rohan Chand will play the title character.

Hollywood actor Andy Serkis
Hollywood actor Andy Serkis

Notably, Sekis' interpretation of Mowgli is darker in tone and more emotionally powerful as compared to Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book which opened in April of 2016.

Serkis went on to explain that his film Mowgli has a much darker approach to storytelling.

Serkis, however, still continues to push his illogical make-up analogy, pointing out that John Hurt got a nomination for The Elephant Man, even though he was in make-up, and therefore motion capture actors should receive acting nominations as well. You'd be scared when Mowgli faced with mortal danger from Kaa (the snake) and Shere Khan himself.

It's the timeless story that we all know and love, yet in this preview for the new adaption of The Jungle Book, comes a whole other part to the story that we've never known before. A new take on a well-trodden work is by no means a bad thing but, judging from this trailer, this new take may not be as good as any of us want or hope it to be.

In an interview on ITV's This Morning in Britain, Serkis stated that he wanted to tell the story of Mowgli as an outsider and survivor.

Mowgli is scheduled for release on October 19, 2018.

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