Rocket League to receive cross-platform party support in coming months


Please visit the Psyonix Rocket League website for all the details!

While the game already features cross-play support, it only does so with private matches, which can get the job done, but isn't as fun as having cross play overall.

Platforms getting party support at release weren't outlined in the blog post. There is no official confirmation on whether PS4 and Xbox gamers will be able to play together, but it will surely be based along the same structure as the current Rocket League cross-platform play.

A feature update for late summer is set to include a revamping of the progression system, called "Progression 2.0", which is likely for the objective of serving the new "Rocket Pass" system (more on that in a moment).

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A new way to earn items will also be introduced soon. Cross-play between, PS4 and Switch or PS4 and Xbox One isn't possible - as you may recall. Each "Rocket Pass" will last for a few months before it's retired and a new Pass will take its place with new content to unlock. The Rocket Pass will feature Free and Premium options, with the Free version including new cosmetic items, Decryptors and exclusive in-game Titles to unlock, whereas the Premium track will require a flat fee to unlock with the option to preview the content first before purchasing it.

'The "Rocket Pass" has both Free and Premium tracks so everybody has something to work for. (Though, to be clear, Psyonix say they were more inspired by Dota for this.) We don't know exactly when the pass will launch, but it's closely tied to a progression revamp set for July or August. One of the major changes though will affect levelling and how XP is earned.

We're removing the level cap of 75 and re-balancing the entire level-up curve.