Raquel Pennington's Coach Defends Not Throwing In Towel At UFC 224


Here is a look at the key takeaways and talking points to emerge from this month's pay-per-view offering.

Nunes, who is friends with Pennington, said her corner failed her by sending Pennington back out.

UFC 224 has been one of the most controversial events when it comes to a title shot.

It was clear that Pennington was outmatched and had already taken some heavy hits from the champion, but her coaches did not offer her any relief. I think my coach wouldn't let me go through that. "She fought with heart and grit until the end". But when she says, 'I don't want to do this, my leg hurts, ' my first initial reaction is, 'Okay, yeah, your leg hurts, let's power through this.' Honestly, that's what I was going with, and I didn't want her to stop the fight because her leg hurt. Instead, she "knows", Kutz said, which is "huge" for her. "And knowing her and coaching her for years, and knowing what she's capable of, I felt if she flipped the script and did a 180 in her own mind, and just went for it, hey, you never know". She went out there and she got finished. The extent of the injury to Pennington's leg is unknown at this stage as she said the medical treatment she received after the fight in Rio de Janeiro was "terrible" and her fiancee Tecia Torres and her chose to wait until they were back in the United States to seek further medical attention.

There was a very uncomfortable atmosphere when Pennington stood up off her stool before the final round.

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But I wanted to win and defend this belt, something I dreamed about for so long.

Nunes, all things considered, put a beating on her opponent for four rounds, battering her with relentless leg-kicks and badly damaging her nose, causing the demoralised "Rocky" to declare to her corner that she did not want to continue heading into the fifth round. You listen and tell the referee that you'd like to stop the fight, period. Do as they ask. That eventually changed to mount and ultimately produced an armbar attempt, but through it all, Gastelum remained calm, made the right adjustments and advanced to the end of the round.

It wasn't the kind of blistering performance that he likely wanted, but Gastelum did enough to get the win and in beating Souza, has put himself in a position to challenge the victor of next month's championship clash between Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero. Looks like her Spartan side won this time. Excelling as a professional fighter after suffering a broken back earlier in life is a testament to her perseverance.

For the champion, this was a very unique experience in fighting a friend and one she wasn't used to as she continued on. The only knockout on her record came in her professional debut in 2012.

Sarah Kaufman recently captured the Invicta FC Bantamweight Title and she would like an opportunity to become the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. It was also the second time Machida dispatched a retiring fighter in such a manner, as the Brazilian veteran did the same to Randy Couture at UFC 129. "Everything was going well, and then, the first couple leg kicks changed the whole tone of that fight".