Primary election reminder: June 5 is deadline to change voter affiliation


Not sure? Check the Voter Look-up link below.

If you haven't registered yet, take two minutes and register to vote here.

State statute allows for an automatic recount if the margin of votes between candidates is less than 1 percent of the total votes received by the top vote-getter.

Election day has arrived and voters only have hours left to cast their votes.

Votes are due no later than 8 p.m. and voters can submit their ballots to any designated drop site or local elections office. No Republicans or Independents filed to run in the primary, although one unaffiliated candidate has announced plans to join the general election fray.

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And while we're thinking about the Benton County commission race: This would have been an ideal election in which to test the ranked choice voting system that county voters approved in a November 2016 election. District 4 incumbent Grady McCrickard and challenger Vicki Mayes are also facing each other on the Republican ballot.

The June 5, 2018, Statewide Direct Primary is only weeks away, and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is urging citizens to register to vote. Those who are not registered or who need to change their registration will find that information there, too.

If you live in Rockingham County and cannot make it to the poll booth, you will still have an opportunity to cast your vote.

"Turnout has been light but steady during early voting", said Probate Judge and Election Superintendent Tony Thompson.

Tuesday is Election Day for Idaho's primaries, and some voters still have unanswered questions about candidates, polling places and more. Voters should verify that they are either registered as affiliated with the political party in whose primary they plan to vote on September 11, 2018 or that they are registered as undeclared. Voters are strongly encouraged to inquire before the registration deadline if they wish to check their voter registration status.