'Pokemon' game for Nintendo Switch rumored to be announed soon


The next entry in the Pokemon series is going to hit the Nintendo Switch consoles soon, but there's very little that's now known about the game. As always, take the following with a grain of salt. After that, she says the game "will be revealed before the end of this month" and its title "might raise a few eyebrows".

Earlier today, Eurogamer reported that the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Switch games will be set in the Kanto region, the region of the original Pokemon Red and Blue and that they will be some sort of Pokemon Yellow remake. It will be a new generation of Pokemon if we can believe the rumors. I have a source that can confirm these leaks as true, I guess we'll find out in the future.

In her blog post, Rogers also talks about what the game could be like, something we're sure many gamers are wondering about. With a name like Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu being similar to Pokemon GO and other features of the title seemingly derived from the popular mobile title, could this leak end up becoming true? A recent tweet from Game Freak's Junichi Masuda also featured Pikachu and Eevee plushies, alongside a Pikachu doll wearing a Luigi costume, potentially in a sly nod towards Pokemon Let's GO!

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While all this information shouldn't be taken as confirmed, we shouldn't have to wait long for an official reveal.

While it was teased much earlier, things came to ahead yesterday thanks to Emily Rogers, who has released several correct Switch rumors in the past. Could it be like the 3DS version of Pokemon except on the Switch?