NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about


After receiving one dose of misfortune after another in previous NBA Draft lotteries, the Suns were awarded the top overall pick in next month's draft as a result of the 2018 lottery held in Chicago on Tuesday night. There is a lot of speculation after the Phoenix Suns were the winners of the lottery, giving them the chance to select from a talented group of young men who could very well lead the Suns from oblivion to an National Basketball Association title one day. While the Wildcats ended up getting bounced by Buffalo in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Ayton still scored highly with KenPom's player ratings (seventh in the site's player of the year metric) and was a highly efficient player overall.

Even if there was a slight chance of earning the top pick this year if Los Angeles was somehow able to go No. 1, deep down Philadelphia seemed confident in their chances of landing the No. 10 pick. That may have been a very wise choice as he looks to be the No. 1 pick overall.

If he's on the board, Ayton should be an easy pick for Sacramento. Because he attended the University of Arizona, he would be an instant hit with Phoenix fans.

If they draft Ayton, the Suns can easily slot him in as their starting center.

The stats are also another reason to really like Ayton. You don't have to work as hard as the guys who are 6-4 to stand out.

The NBA combine is now going on until Sunday, and more than 60 players are participating.

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Dan Malloy also tweeted saying, "Our prayers are with the HPD officer who was injured in the line of duty this morning". Foley says that the suspect is in custody and is also at the hospital for a minor hand injury.

The Suns' shooting guard expressed frustration in the aftermath of another abysmal season.

Doncic's Real Madrid squad will take on CSKA Moscow in the EuroLeague semifinals on Friday, so it's understandable that his focus is still competing in the EuroLeague.

"Just like Brett says, defense first, pace and space", vice president of player personnel Marc Eversley said when asked what the Sixers are looking for with the pick. So go ahead and curse former Bulls forward Niko Mirotic for helping the Bulls go on a December winning streak, or criticize the front office out of habit, but remember drafting higher assures teams of nothing.

However, Jackson has incredible upside, not only averaging.513 from the field, but he is a solid free-throw shooter for a big man as well, averaging almost 80%. He has great passing skills and is pretty smooth on the offensive end of the floor. He was the ACC Player of the Year and has the potentional to become a rebounding machine at the rate he is going.

It appears that the Suns might have given a little hint with their new Twitter name after securing the number one pick. Both Doncic and Ayton can fill significant voids on this team, creating a Booker-Doncic backcourt or Booker-Ayton one-two punch for years to come.