'Mission: Impossible' Trailer Shows Off Skydiving Stunt


There's more of that jaw-dropping helicopter set piece too, set to be Fallout's "big stunt" in the grand Mission tradition.

The new trailer has Tom and a heavily-moustached Henry Cavill pulling off some ridiculously risky stunts, something the Mission Impossible series has always been known for. Hunt pegs it along the Southbank of the Thames, smashes windows and jumps out of them, gets the snot beaten out of him by Henry Cavill's formidable moustache, throws himself out of a plane, and falls off a cliff. 22 years later, he still carries the character with just as much sharpness and elegance and one can be sure that he hasn't lost the touch that made Ethan appealing in the first place. The movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, Simon Pegg as Benjamin "Benji" Dunn, Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, Michelle Monaghan as Julia Meade-Hunt, Alec Baldwin as Secretary Alan Hunley, Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, and Henry Cavill as August Walker among others.

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who is no stranger to working with Tom Cruise. It reveals that Hunt will have two advisories -Sean Harris's villainous Solomon Lane, who we last saw in 2015's Rogue Nation, and Central Intelligence Agency assassin August Walker.

Out in the cinema on 26th July 2018.