Microsoft to launch smaller, low-priced Surface devices


Microsoft (MSFT) plans to launch a line of lower-cost tablets to compete with Apple's (AAPL) iPad.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the new 10-inch Surface tablets will feature rounded corners similar those found on Apple's iPads, and they'll also be the second Surface devices to come with a USB-C port following the Surface Book 2 past year. They'll also include USB-C connectivity, a first for Surface tablets, a new charging and syncing standard being used by some of the latest smartphones.

Regardless, many have been hoping Microsoft would release a new non-pro Surface at some point, as this line of Surface devices are far more affordable and approachable to the masses.

One of my contacts said Microsoft has been working on a low-end Surface device that would be priced at $399 without the separately-priced keyboard/cover. In the fiscal year that ended last June, Surface revenue declined 2 percent as the company faced lower volume sales owing to an aging Surface Pro line.

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Apple sold about 44 million iPads that generated almost $20 billion in revenue during the past four quarters

Microsoft's Surface Pro (its most recent, fifth-generation device) with an Intel Core m3, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD, now sells for $799.

The biggest question about these new Surface devices is why. Microsoft, which hasn't finalized its plans, is expected to price the cheapest versions of the new device at about $400.

The only tablets that have got a good response from the customers were Apple's iPads. Microsoft is also planning to sell Wi-Fi only models along with Wi-Fi and LTE variants. The company is planning on releasing a revamped iPad Pro this year with iPhone X features such as facial recognition, Bloomberg News reported last year.

Of course, along with a new Surface come updated accessories, and the new 10-inch form factor will see updates to the Surface keyboards, stylus and mouse at this size. It will be powered by Windows 10 Pro probably with an S mode which locks you to Microsoft Store apps.

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