Meghan Markle's half-sister says father had heart attack


Meghan Markle's dad will miss his daughter's wedding to Prince Harry, as he is due to undergo heart surgery this week.

In an explosive exchange on "Good Morning Britain," Morgan dubbed Samantha Markle the "little vulture" and asked her, "How much money have you made from trashing Meghan Markle?". And besides, Samantha says whatever censorship laws the United Kingdom has on the books don't apply to her across the pond. even if Meg's now a big deal there.

With the media locked in a revolving door of will-he-won't-he surrounding Meghan and Samantha's father Thomas and his attendance at Saturday's royal wedding, the latter has been doing the rounds of TV talk shows to give rolling updates and explain her role in Mr Markle's weird decision to stage photographs with a paparazzi photographer.

"I spoke to him early in the morning yesterday and he was quite depressed over an unbelievable series of events involving the media", she said.

"My father has really suffered at the hands of the media".

Meghan Markle's half-sister says England's new princess-to-be has no right to tell her when to talk, or what to say - 'cause this is 'Merica, damnit!

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Meghan Markle is understood to be upset about the photos being staged, but is very close to her father and still wants him to walk her down the aisle on Saturday. "We all have these kinds of relatives tucked away somewhere in our families but those dramas are not dished up for public consumption".

They wrote: "This is a deeply personal moment for Ms Markle in the days before her wedding".

Thomas Markle announced Monday he was pulling out of the royal wedding so as not to embarrass the bride-to-be.

"It was done with the good intention to make the royal family look good, and himself", she said. He said Harry and Meghan had been to several sampling sessions back in March.

Samantha and Meghan have been estranged for years, with the author first speaking publicly soon after it was announced the actress and Prince Harry were seeing each other in 2016.