Meghan Markle's father to miss royal wedding over heart surgery


Meghan Markle's half sister said Tuesday that their retired father is under an "unbelievable" amount of stress because of relentless pressure from reporters and paparazzi hounding him at his home in Mexico.

Also selected for the much-anticipated event at Windsor Castle on Saturday are the couple's goddaughters and godson, and the children of one of her best friends.

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are requesting "understanding and respect" for Markle's father after a celebrity news site reported he would not attend the royal wedding to walk his daughter down the aisle, Kensington Palace said Monday night.

As the Christian customary, Meghan's father was to walk her down the aisle on her D-day. However, as per latest reports in an worldwide magazine, Thomas has now dropped out of the wedding.

On Monday, the TMZ website broke the claims that Thomas Markle was going to pull out of the ceremony after it emerged he had staged paparazzi photos for money.

Kensington Palace, although not outright confirming the news, said this in a statement: "This is a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle in the days before her wedding". Last month some photographs of Meghan's father reading a picture book about Great Britain and looking up Prince Harry at an Internet café went viral.

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The report also mentions that Markle is back in the hospital after reportedly being treated for a heart attack a week ago.

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle will marry this weekend. "That was not the motive - it was my suggestion", she said. Media cameras are expected to follow Markle from her overnight venue to the chapel.

Thousands of journalists from across the world are descending on the genteel town of Windsor for the wedding, and Thomas Markle told TMZ that the media attention had taken its toll.

Sharing a parent with United States of America, home of Markle's former show, Suits, NBC gained access to her Hollywood circle - including NBCU cable entertainment chair and Markle mentor Bonnie Hammer - for May 16's Inside the Royal Wedding.

Ms Ptak might be taking inspiration from a lemony recipe which belongs to her mother after writing of Elisabeth Ptak's "legendary lemon bars". And he would only attend if his health allowed it, he said.

The Thomas Markle situation was the palaces "worst nightmare". He feels that anyone who gets associated with his life - this is the price they have to pay. Markle with daughter Meghan and Prince Harry was also scheduled to be entertained this week by the queen and other senior royals.