Las Vegas Gunman Railed Against Government Before Shooting, Police Documents Show


Stephen Paddock kept his hotel room clean but made a housekeeper uneasy when she tidied up in the days before the gunman slaughtered 58 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

According to the records, shooter Stephen Paddock had made a Mandalay Bay housekeeper uneasy during his stay there.

The housekeeper: One of the last people to see Paddock was the housekeeper who cleaned his suite about four days before the shooting.

Lombardo said it appeared Paddock was on a gambling losing streak, and police reported finding just $273 in cash in his hotel room. Law enforcement refused Wednesday to provide any additional information including refusing to say whether the reports were credible.

"Sometimes sacrifices have to be made".

An unidentified woman said in a handwritten statement that she believed she may have encountered Paddock at a Las Vegas restaurant three days before the massacre. Paddock was with another man, the witness said, and they were talking about the 1993 standoff in Waco, Texas. She also said she thought it odd he had more than five pieces of luggage in the room.

At one point Paddock asked her if she was ok, and she said she told him yes. Another man eventually put a red bandana over the victim's face.

A stagehand made a run for his pickup truck when he was suddenly surrounded by people begging for a ride away from the scene.

"On the third round of shots is when".

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The survivor who said she had held hands with her best friend and dropped to the ground said she called her father while huddled with others. She had to jump over the dead body of a security guard on her way before crawling under a stage only a few feet high.

Danley acknowledged to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that she helped Paddock load high-volume ammunition magazines that police have said he later used in the attack.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said early this month the police investigation was not finished, and pointedly apologized for the release of information that he said would "further traumatize a wounded community".

The man said Paddock became upset and launched into a tirade about gun control when the man rejected an offer of $500 apiece to modify semi-automatic guns to fire automatically.

Sgt Jeff Clark, a department spokesman, said authorities would not comment about the documents released on Wednesday.

Sisolak said he hadn't heard of the jailhouse account and he could not say whether it was credible. The release came after news organizations investigating police, emergency responders' and hotel employees' response to the attack sued for the release of videos, 911 recordings, evidence logs and interviews.

The department has not provided all the materials it compiled.

But as a lone gunman inside his 32nd-floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino continued to fire, people began to panic, flee or seek shelter by falling to the ground.