Lane Johnson Really Doesn't Like the Patriots


In the process, he revealed a few behind-the-scenes details that went unnoticed to this point.

"Here's what pissed me off", Johnson said on The Steve Austin Show (as transcribed by ESPN's Tim McManus). I can tell you that firsthand from my rookie year. No, it's not. And that's what I got mad at, the arrogance of them.

"There was obviously some stuff behind closed doors". Their owner talking s- to our owner. You can expect these comments to be featured prominently in the coach's pre-game talk the next time the Patriots and Eagles collide.

"I got in a lot of trouble running my mouth, but my thinking was, they give too much respect to these guys, everybody's half-ass scared of them before they get on the field", Johnson said. "But a lot of (expletive) kind of built to that, and I just got exhausted of hearing about it, man, to be honest".

Johnson was clear that he respects the success people like Belichick and Tom Brady have achieved during their time in New England, but he doesn't appreciate the way they go about their business.

The Patriots, obviously, I respect their coach, I respect Bill, I respect Tom Brady.

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Then, a week after Philadelphia's win, he called New England a "fear-based organization" with players who "act like f-ing robots".

After the Eagles beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, Johnson called Brady, the Patriots Hall of Fame quarterback, a "pretty boy". "But hey, it is what it is".

It's only preseason, but that game - and the days leading up to it - just got a whole lot more interesting. It was more about the way in which the Eagles did it. Win another Super Bowl.

The 2017 Pro Bowler echoed some of that language Tuesday, when Austin brought up Malcolm Jenkins, the Patriots' starting cornerback who was mysteriously benched by Belichick for nearly the entirety of the Super Bowl. To put it simply, Pederson out-coached Belichick, and it wasn't particularly close.

Lane Johnson, right, hugs Eagles Coach Doug Pederson after Super Bowl LII. On Wednesday, he added one more distinction to an already impressive resume: 2018 Patriots Hall of Fame Inductee.

Although Light would fail to win another Super Bowl, he helped the team make it to two more Super Bowl appearances, falling both times to the New York Giants. The Patriots faced the St. Louis Rams to cap off the 2001 season in Super Bowl XXXVI, and Light's work as the starting left tackle was instrumental in the unlikely victory. And he's just going to keep telling us this. "Just don't expect Belichick and the rest of the "[expletive] robots" to respond.