Japanese rail company apologises for train leaving 25 seconds early


Look, you wouldn't catch us complaining if a train left just that little bit early. However, there were several people waiting to board left behind, and one person reported the incident to JR West.

Japan's trains are world-famous for their punctuality, but that doesn't mean they always run with flawless precision.

If you think it's a little odd to see the time written like that, rest assured that it's not the normal way of doing things in Japan, but JR West felt it necessary in order to fully disclose the damage, as the train left 25 seconds earlier than its scheduled time of 7:12.

"The great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable", West Japan Railways said in a statement.

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A subsequent message from the company was somehow even more contrite, as JR-West said it "will be thoroughly evaluating our conduct and striving to keep such an incident from occurring again".

A Japanese railway company has issued an official apology after one of its trains departed the station 25 seconds early.

The train conductor misunderstood the departure time and closed the train doors ahead of schedule, according to the company's press release.

This was a problem as punctuality is hugely important in Japan, and arriving six minutes later than normal could lead to a telling off for workers and school pupils. Last November, management at the Tokyo-area Tsukuba Express line also apologised for a train leaving 20 seconds early - it had left at 9:43:40 a.m. instead of 9:44 a.m.